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My first interaction with technology was using custom routines to process data coming off the James Clerk Maxwell telescope in Hawaii, as part of my masters dissertation in Astrophysics (specifically, the imaging of debris disks, which are analogous to an early stage Solar System). As I moved into the business world, my work with predictive analytics and big data has always relied heavily on utilizing technology. Working at WWT has helped educate me on the systems and architectures that support analytics, helping greatly with implementation of models, and ultimately successfully adding value for customers. I am an Senior Engagement Manager with the Consulting Practice, where I specialize in adding value by utilizing advanced analytics and business strategy concepts. My typical role is to support customers during specific projects with direction from lines of business leaders, or heads of corporate divisions (e.g. CMO, VP of Strategy). Often these projects rely on using our Big Data reference architectures in the ATC so that we can process customer data to gather insights. We may also run POCs, LaaS, or another technology solutions, depending on the needs of the client. It is always funny how two organizations in completely different industries might benefit from the same solution. Recently we were talking with a shopping mall operator who wanted to track customer movements throughout their facility, but had struggled to capture WiFi data at sufficient accuracy. We leveraged analysis that was originally developed to monitor haul truck GPS in a copper mine, to reduce noise in the data and plot paths and dwell times. For the shopping mall, they can now better position stores and special events to improve the customer experience.


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