Joel King

World Wide Technology Distinguished Solutions Architect

Joel W. King has a strategic focus on network programmability and infrastructure automation. You can follow him on GitHub/GitLab: @joelwking on Twitter @joel_w_king and on LinkedIn @programmablenetworks. Some recent accomplishments include: DevNet Create 2019 Community Contribution Award - For Ansible / Tetration integration, creative use of Cisco technologies, contribution to the Cisco DevNet Community, and leadership in this growing solution space where applications meet infrastructure. F5 DevCentral MVP 2019 - In recognition and appreciation of the outstanding technical contribution and leadership to the F5 DevCentral user community. He has been awarded US Patents for managing the quality of Encrypted VoIP and Propagating Black Hole Shunts to remote routers. He published a number of Cisco Validated Design Guides focused on QoS and IPSec. He is a frequent blogger and presents at industry conferences. He is based in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Areas of Expertise