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Kelly Ortbals

Sr Manager - PS Strategic Initiatives


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Kelly has been with WWT since 1999 and is the Senior Manager of Professional Services Strategic Initiatives. Throughout her career at WWT, Kelly has been a member of the Professional Services team in various capacities – engineer, project manager and manager. Kelly has been involved in many new endeavors including building, documenting, training and managing the first Integration Technology Center (ITC) and the first PS Project Management team, providing direction and oversight for PS IT projects including the PS Oracle Projects roll-out, onboarding to integrate acquisitions, and assisting with remote office start-ups. Kelly is currently focused on the PS Team agenda, specifically overarching strategic initiatives that effect all of our Professional Services teams. This includes, but is not limited to the new hire experience, effective communication, rigor and discipline, internal and external brand awareness, the culture of our PS family and innovative initiatives.