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Marc is a thought leader and subject matter expert (SME) in agile, agile organization transformation, Organizational Development (OD), and culture and behavior change. His core focus is to help leaders and their teams design and execute strategies that accelerate the realization of their vision and goals – and creates nimble, self-directed and adaptive organizations that foster innovation, reduce waste, and dramatically increase performance. Marc has worked with medium and large distributed organizations and has facilitated the agile transformation of both IT and business organizations. His focus is to help leaders become agile leaders and enable them to facilitate employee-driven organizational alignment and change. This approach creates measurable behavior change and results in a matter of weeks, especially for complex organizations. This design thinking, agile and people-driven approach stimulates employees’ discretionary efforts and boosts engagement and performance. It enables the natural alignment between what fulfills employees, and the results the organizations’ leaders want to drive. Marc has 25+ years of consulting experience, designing and facilitating organization transformation and culture change and has 20 years of applied research in agile and rapid behavior change approaches.

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