Is your network infrastructure slowing you down?

Let’s face it, network infrastructure is an expensive investment. But in today’s connected world, it's a mission critical one.

Just because it's costly to procure the hardware needed to properly shape the backbone of your network doesn’t mean it should be expensive to get your network up and running. Nor should you need a big budget to attain a pointed visualization layer atop your network that displays the metrics you need.

Have you ever asked: "Is my network deployed the way it was designed to be deployed?" Or "Can I access a simple view of all networks across my organization that tells me how each is performing?"

If you use Thelios, the answer is YES to both questions.

Depending on your use case, Thelios can help you reduce deployment time by up to 95% while providing key insights into your network’s performance.

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The Thelios® Platform

WWT's Thelios Platform accelerates the creation, maintenance and visibility of networks across your organization.

A 100% WWT-built platform, Thelios uses partner APIs to deliver rich solutions that eliminate risk and address your biggest network needs. 

We work with external partners and internal Network engineers to continuously challenge the status quo and deliver cutting-edge solutions that allow your network infrastructure to work for you.

Key Feature 1: Thelios Provisioner

Provisioner aids in the deployment, configuration and maintenance of full stack networking equipment.

Have you ever placed a large order for network equipment and worried that your resources might be overwhelmed by the massive deployment effort? Thelios can allay this fear.

Say you want to upgrade 2,000 legacy switches to Meraki switches. You're rightfully concerned about lengthy set up times and the high potential for errors from manual touches. Using Thelios, you can provision your new switches up to 70% faster than with the Meraki Dashboard, and with 100% accuracy.


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Key Feature 2: Thelios Health Dashboard

Thelios' simple and intuitive Health Dashboard provides network-wide visibility, across OEMs, into the location and status of all devices on your network.

Are you tired of wondering where all your network hardware is located? Tired of having to use several different platforms to gain visibility into your entire network? 

If you'd prefer a simple view of your network stack that intuitively displays devices by geolocation — while showing device-level status — Thelios delivers. It shows both Meraki and Cisco devices by location and status in one comprehensive, single pane of glass dashboard.

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Thelios Lab

Welcome to the WWT Thelios ATC Demo Lab. This lab allows you to gain hands on experience with Thelios, a network provisioning and monitoring solution for Cisco Meraki Networks.
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