Is your network infrastructure slowing you down?

Let’s face it, network infrastructure is an expensive investment — but a mission critical one in today’s connected world. Just because it's costly to procure the hardware needed to shape the backbone of your network doesn’t mean it should be costly to get your network up and running. Nor should it be costly to attain a pointed visualization layer atop your network that displays only the metrics you need.

You may be wondering, "Is my network investment deployed the way it was designed?" "Can I access a simple, intuitive view of all networks within my organization that quickly tells me how they're performing?"

If you use Thelios, powered by WWT, you can answer YES to both of these key questions

In fact, depending on your use case, Thelios can help you realize a 95% reduction in deployment time while providing key insights into your network’s performance.


The Thelios® Platform

WWT's Thelios Platform accelerates the creation of Cisco Meraki Networks through enhanced automation, visualization, reporting and usability.

See how the platform's key features — Auto-Provisioner and Health Dashboard — can speed your deployments while mitigating risks at the same time.

Though Thelios currently uses Meraki APIs, the platform’s extensible architecture is designed for straightforward integration with multiple OEM proucts.


Feature 1: Thelios Auto-Provisioner

Auto-Provisioner automates the configuration of Meraki devices when the size, complexity or granular requirements of a network would otherwise require time-consuming manual entry. A network architect can use Auto-Provisioner to create a script that maps settings to a Meraki API. This script can be deployed at the touch of a button by the configuration tech — whether at an enterprise facility or remote site.

Use Auto-Provisioner to mitigate the risk and unpredictability of manual configurations:

  • 100% configuration accuracy for every device
  • Real-time visibility of deployment status
  • Fully predictable configuration time
  • Admin access not needed by installer

Using Meraki Templates
When used with Meraki Templates for deployment, customers often see time savings in excess of 90 percent. Our customers have used Auto-Provisioner to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on national roll-outs and to cut deployment time from months to weeks.

Without Meraki Templates
Even without Meraki Templates, Auto-Provisioner can save you more than 10 percent on deployment time. Moreover, WWT is continuing to develop functionality that projects to save such customers more than 50 percent on deployment time when compared to using the Meraki Dashboard alone.


Feature 2: Thelios Health Dashboard

The Health Dashboard gives non-IT users a simplified view of network health. Authorized users' ability to quickly check information related to their main concerns not only improves user satisfaction but reduces support requests.

General IT support staff also get quick access to the most critical information they need to monitor the health of their Meraki network.

In addition to improving user experience, the Health Dashboard mitigates the risk of inadvertent configuration changes that might otherwise arise from granting more users access to the full-featured Meraki Dashboard.

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