Optimize the value of your existing network investments

Visitor location data collected through wireless networks offer the opportunity for businesses to create tailored user experiences and powerful customer intelligence repositories. Unfortunately, that data often goes unleveraged. Meanwhile, IT struggles to configure and manage these networks at scale due to high-touch, manual provisioning processes and a lack of clear health analytics.

WWT’s Thelios product leverages Meraki’s rich API ecosystem, which was designed to support custom development by third-parties. The Thelios Network Engagement Suite includes Auto-Provisioner which automates deployment tasks and simplifies custom network configurations, and Health Dashboard which provides business stakeholders and general IT support people with a simplified view of the data they need to monitor their network.

Thelios is designed to:

  • Provide greater data visibility for marketing and IT departments.
  • Accentuate the customer and/or employee experience.
  • Reduce the cost and time it takes to setup and provision the Meraki network.