VMware Fundamentals for Network Engineers (Self-Guided)

3 hours
Whether you are tasked with supporting a large production virtual environment, or just want to build out a small lab for testing, a fundamental knowledge of VMware vSphere is a valuable skill. This self-guided training offers you an opportunity to develop your VMware skillset.

What to Expect

 Self-Guided Experience Includes: 
  • Introduction to vSphere 6
  • ESXi installation and configuration
  • vCenter 6.x Overview
  • Using the vSphere Web Client
  • Deploying Virtual Machines
  • Understanding availability and DRS
  • Fault Tolerance
  • vMotion Introduction to vSphere Networking and Security
  • vSphere Standard Switching -- vSphere Distributed Switching
  • Host Services and Firewall Introduction to vSphere Storage Technologies Licensing Options 

Goals & Objectives

This self-guided training offers network engineers an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills delivered from the viewpoint of a networking professional. Traditional networking appliances such as routers, firewalls and load-balancers are now available as virtual editions that can be deployed to provide services close to the end-host. A fundamental knowledge of virtual networking constructs is beneficial to ensure you realize the full potential of these services.