U.S. Army GEMSS - May 2022 Newsletter

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Why does the Army need to use ISE 802.1X?

Cisco Secure Firewall 

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Meet your GEMSS Experts at Cisco Live! 

Cisco Networking Academy - Spotlights

Introduction to loT and Digital Transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing area of technology, with new companies, products, and job opportunities springing up all over the world. Discover how IoT, along with emerging technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, are digitally transforming industries and expanding career opportunities. Invest in learning IoT skills and you can transform any business in any industry, from manufacturing to environmental conservation. Today over 26 billion people, systems, and physical objects are connected and share data seamlessly over the Internet – and it's rapidly changing our world. Learn the IoT skills you will need to land a well-paying job in this exciting field. 

Python Essentials 1

Used by startups and tech giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and more, Python offers you endless possibilities for creating small and large-scale software projects. User-friendly with easy-to-read code, Python is a great first programming language to learn and requires no prior programming knowledge. Python skills open you up to careers in almost any industry and are required if you want to continue to more advanced, higher paying software development and engineering roles such as software engineer, systems administrator, and security engineer. 

Advanced Services

Cisco Talos Response

Cisco Talos Incident Response provides a full suite of proactive and reactive services to help you prepare, respond, and recover from a breach. With Talos IR, you have direct access to the same threat intelligence available to Cisco and world-class emergency response capabilities -- in addition to more than 350 threat researchers for questions and analysis. Let our experts work with you to evaluate existing plans, develop a new plan, and provide rapid assistance when you need it most.  This service is available via GEMSS. Take advantage today!

Cisco Talos Response

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