Connectivity and collaboration to get more work done

The concept of workforce productivity is simple: a better work experience creates greater productivity. But changes in what makes up the work experience – one increasingly separate from traditional offices, networks, and tools – mean that employees’ expectations have changed. Increasingly, they expect open offices and video enabled conference rooms, to work from any number of devices in any number of places and for their experience to be seamless across platform, device or location.

Collaboration tools and apps have changed to meet these new expectations, and it is up to the employers to ensure that their workforce not only has access to these new tools and apps, but also that their IT capabilities and policies are in place to support them. Networks need to support mobile connectivity and access; application delivery and management has to evolve to support an ever-expanding array of devices and workflows.

WWT helps companies develop workforce productivity strategies to support their employee’s productivity anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We can recommend cutting-edge collaboration solutions to enhance the work experience and make communication and collaboration seamless and easy. We can help ensure that your network infrastructure is capable of delivering and supporting those experiences, whether they take place at your offices or at employees’ home offices, on the plane or at a hotel, all the while keeping your data and access secure.

You can attend one of our workshops to better understand workforce productivity and see how it fits in with your organization’s larger strategy, work with our experts to make design and technology decisions to meet your goals and evaluate the technologies and solutions hands-on in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

We can help you improve the workplace experience — whether it be offering video-enabled conference rooms or anytime, anywhere secure access to company apps and data — to increase the happiness and productivity of your workforce.

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