Realize fast and reliable application deployments

Executive Summary

The desktop of the future will need to intelligently deliver data and applications on a wide variety of computing devices, Web applications and computers. The Application Virtualization Workshop is designed to help you understand the key concepts surrounding application virtualization as well as give an overview of the current application virtualization technologies available on the market today.

An Application Virtualization Workshop is ideal for any organization wanting to find a better way to support end users and provide faster, more reliable application deployments. Application Virtualization decouples the client operating system from the application. This provides greater flexibility and manageability of these resources. Through the use of application virtualization, organizations can easily package and deploy complex applications to the end users without application conflicts and potentially reduce or eliminate the need for regression testing. Since each application runs in a separate virtual memory space, the time to deploy new applications and upgrades is significantly reduced. There is a large movement in the industry to make application virtualization the standard for all application deployments.


The objective of this 2- to 4-hour workshop is to facilitate discussion of the Application Virtualization Roadmap in order to educate you about current vendor solutions available on the market today, to dispel some of the misconceptions you may have about application virtualization and to ultimately determine the direction of the application virtualization solution for your organization.


With the Application Virtualization Workshop, WWT will provide you with the materials and resources needed to determine the best course of action for your organization in order to fully realize the benefits of application virtualization in your environment. Benefits of the Application Virtualization Workshop include:

  • A clarification of the different types of application virtualization solutions available
  • An understanding of how application virtualization could fit into your environment

View our Application Virtualization Workshop brochure.

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