A comprehensive, proven approach to enabling service providers to automate and orchestrate their networks


Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator (formerly Tail-f) is an essential element of enterprise-scale automation. It interfaces programmatically with all major network vendors, and can be extensively customized to integrate with mission-critical software-defined services.

This workshop is intended to help administrators, engineers, architects and technical personnel to define and build a basic service model and understand the skills and techniques vital to NSO service modeling. This session is a follow-up to the WWT One Day NSO Introductory Workshop.

What You Will Learn 

This session is intended to provide familiarity with Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator. After completing this session, you will receive:

  • A refresher on the NSO fundamentals from the first NSO workshop
  • Skills that will help you setup a design environment
  • A working understanding of how to validate configurations vs. NSO NEDs
  • A working understanding of the service design process/how to build a service template
  • Skills that will help you create, test and refine your service models
  • A deeper look at MANO architecture and the use of the ESC product

This workshop is hands-on and lab intensive. You will have access to your own NSO instance and a desktop environment with all the tools needed to build service models.


You must have taken the NSO One Day Introductory Workshop. This workshop picks up right where the introductory workshop leaves off. Other needed skills include:

  • Basic Linux shell command line
  • Be familiar with CLI configuration
  • Use of browsers, GUIs and SSH

Note: If you’d like to take the prerequisite workshop, please contact your WWT account manager to arrange for a web delivered session (usually takes about 3 to 4 hours).

Intended Audience 

  • Architects and planners interested in understanding the service modeling process and skillset
  • Network and IT engineers
  • Network programmability engineers and developers

Key Benefits 

  • Refresh on basic NSO administration, GUI and CLI skills
  • A clear understanding of service modeling and the service modeling process
  • A clear understanding of the skills your organization will need to develop your own service models

View our Cisco NSO Basic Service Design Workshop brochure.

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