Cloud Migration Readiness Workshop

16 hours
Once a company has made the decision that digital transformation and cloud technologies can enhance their business, the most difficult challenge they face is determining what and when workloads should move to the cloud. A company needs to consider several factors to ensure it is ready to migrate workloads to the cloud and to ensure they are doing so in a "cloud smart" manner. To address this need, we developed a Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment that helps gauge a company's technical readiness to adopt cloud.   

What to Expect

The Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment is a 1- to 2-day engagement focused on gaining insights into how far along an organization is in their cloud journey, understanding their current cloud-readiness strengths and weaknesses and building an action plan to close identified gaps. The workshop will concentrate on cloud foundations (IAM, storage, networking, security, compute) and potential cloud applications.

Outcomes delivered from a Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment: 

  • A report containing strengths and weaknesses of an organization's readiness for a cloud migration
  • An action plan to resolve the identified gaps, so the organization can migrate at scale without having to pause to solve foundational issues
  • Recommended next steps to continue cloud migration

Goals & Objectives

Gain a greater understanding around the organization's current state of: 

  • Technical readiness 
  • Determine any potential gaps 
  • Identify opportunities for improvement 
  • Establish a holistic strategy for reviewing workloads to determine "fit for purpose" and how workloads might be optimized prior to migration

What is a workshop? 
A WWT workshop is a working session in which your technology decision makers, architects, engineers and line of business representation meet with our subject matter expert, engineers and program/process management to evaluate or compare how specific strategies and technologies could be deployed in your organization. These are paid engagements with a defined outcome and deliverable, e.g. action plan, high-level architectural design, proposal or quote for project implementation. The workshop takes place in person or via video conferences that last from 4 hours to 5 days.​
Who should attend?
  • Organizations new to public cloud 
  • Organizations with workloads in the cloud, but would like help migrating new applications/workloads to the cloud 
  • Organizations with a stalled cloud strategy 

What makes WWT unique?
WWT has a deep understanding of on-premise environments and how to extend and evolve those into a next-generation enterprise architecture that includes a multicloud approach. We also have consultative expertise to align, integrate and accelerate our customer's multicloud strategy. These capabilities, combined with our world-class partnerships with traditional infrastructure OEMs, trusted partnership with Equinix and partnerships with AWS, Azure, GCP and ISV Marketplace OEMs, make WWT an unparalleled multicloud partner.