Converged infrastructure business need, market overview, solutions and their unique benefits

Executive Overview

Many organizations are realizing the advantages of standardized, pre-validated converged infrastructure platforms. These organizations understand that designing, planning, testing, verifying, deploying and maintaining interoperability between infrastructure components consumes budgets and resources while adding little value to the business. With a myriad of reference architectures, converged systems, hyper-converged systems and rack scale systems available, there is often confusion about which architectures best match a customer’s needs.


For businesses considering this infrastructure, the WWT Converged Infrastructure Workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about different types of converged infrastructure solutions and specific offerings. This interactive experience is customized to provide you and your teams relevant information necessary to make informed business and technical decisions. This workshop covers the following objectives:

  • Understanding your current needs and environment with WWT converged infrastructure experts
  • Explanation of the converged infrastructure market dynamics and players
  • Discussion of how individual use cases align with the varying types of solutions
  • Overview of and technical deep dive into specific converged infrastructure solutions
  • Follow-up on next steps including demos, proof-of-concept testing, detailed design and proposals


The WWT Converged Infrastructure Workshop offers an independent and pragmatic approach to understand converged infrastructure use cases and technologies. By combining detailed and targeted open discussions, whiteboard analysis, product presentations and demonstrations, WWT enables your organization to move quickly from idea to outcome. Workshop benefits include:

  • Independent converged infrastructure market analysis
  • Differentiation of the varying types of converged infrastructure
  • Mapping use cases to specific converged infrastructure solutions
  • Technical solution deep dives and demos
  • Comprehensive solution feature and functionality comparisons

View our Converged Infrastructure Workshop brochure.

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