Finding differentiation through customer experience

Executive Overview

Whether in retail, banks, insurance, hospitals, utilities, transportation, service providers, airports, hospitality or any other industry with direct customer interaction, today’s consumers expect to purchase products and services on their terms. Shoppers, patients and patrons all want personalized experiences that they can access anytime, on any platform. For organizations across all industries, this means investing in new technologies.


The WWT Customer Experience Workshop is a two- to four-hour strategic discussion and whiteboard session focused on identifying your company’s unique business use cases and mobile application needs. WWT experts customize the session to meet your company’s specific areas of interest, which may include:

  • Digital Experiences – Organizations need technology that engages consumers, patients and others in new ways on mobile devices in their homes, on the web, in stores, hospitals and branch offices. This can include providing highly personalized experiences and offers with loyalty programs.
  • Frictionless Service – Customers expect efficient, personalized service however they interact with an organization, whether it be over web, mobile, in person, kiosks, or over the phone. It is essential to provide an integrated experience that is “frictionless” for the individual.
  • Smart Spaces – Data focused on customer behavior, habits, wants, loyalty and interactions can help an organization optimize its strategies and provide personalized experiences for the customer.


One of the challenges for organizations is how to bring together the right set of technologies to deliver on customer experience. That’s where WWT can help, with our technology practices that span across software development, wireless and mobility, collaboration and big data. We can help customers develop their engagement strategy, integrate the technology systems and deploy the right architecture for their business.

View our Customer Experience Workshop brochure.

  • Collaboration Labs Overview

    The WWT Collaboration Labs inside our Advanced Technology Center are scalable, self-service environments that help our customers make the right collaboration decisions faster.
  • Infographic: Data-driven Insights Create Richer Experiences

    WWT helps retailers unsilo data sources for insights that improve the brand experience, cement customer loyalty and boost ROI. See how in this infographic.
  • Cisco UC Upgrade Services

    With a proven record of deploying some of the largest and most complicated UC upgrades, WWT has developed a multi-tiered approach to streamline the upgrade process, which helps our customers save money, and avoid risk and complexity.
  • Customer Experience

    With the further convergence of mobile, social and other online technologies, the customer experience has evolved from a single in-person touchpoint to multiple channels of interaction.
  • Workforce Productivity Overview

    Collaboration tools that seamlessly support end-user workflows and processes that can maximize workforce productivity.