Overview of storage resource management tools

Executive Overview

As data centers grow and become more complex, IT managers are challenged to gain end-to-end visibility into the performance, utilization and financial management of storage resources. The challenges facing today’s IT professionals go beyond reducing cost, increasing efficiency and mitigating risk. IT professionals have to address a new set of demands that are forcing IT teams to respond more quickly to business needs.

The latest developments in Storage Resource Management (SRM) software provide operational intelligence, business insight and IT ecosystem integration within complex enterprise IT environments. They allow IT teams to respond more quickly to business and mission needs by reducing cost, increasing efficiency and mitigating risk. Detailed business-level reporting provides full cost awareness. IT managers can immediately see how much storage, compute or switching resources a business unit or application uses in each storage tier over a given period of time. Comprehensive information allows the IT team to work with business units to make more intelligent decisions about how storage is being used.


How do you know which SRM platform is the best fit for your environment? WWT’s Data/Storage Management Workshop offers a highly interactive whiteboard discussion to survey available tools and discuss what best fits your organization. The WWT Data/Storage Management Workshop is a one- to three-hour strategic discussion and whiteboard session designed to explore the top storage resource monitor tools, such as:

  • NetApp OnCommand Insight (OCI)
  • SolarWinds SRM

The workshop will discuss the features and characteristics of the various tools that are available and evaluate the pros and cons of each tool within your specific environment.


Workshop attendees will gain a clear understanding of the value that a storage resource management tool can deliver along with specific comparisons of how the tools actually function in a realistic environment. This environment contains the latest version of the tool and a variety of OEM storage solutions. WWT’s architecturally independent, multi-vendor approach provides you with an unbiased framework to see the differences among the various tools in a live working environment with knowledgeable experts and free from marketing spin.

View our Data/Storage Management Workshop brochure.

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