Get the most out of your enterprise agreement


WWT’s EA+ Integration Workshop is a two- to four-hour facilitated discussion focused on enterprise agreement (EA) education and prioritized roadmap for your organization.


Often the benefits of an EA, TLA or other manufacturer’s software agreement ends at the date of purchase as organizations view them simply as a cost-savings initiative. We see this as just the beginning. Once you purchase your EA, it’s time to immediately begin utilizing it as a business strategy tool.

This workshop is meant to be held after the signing of an EA and can either be held in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in St. Louis, MO or on-site at your organization.


After concluding the EA+ Integration Workshop, the Software and Lifecycle Services engagement team will manage your roadmap through the duration of your EA. This offers you a central point of contact within WWT whose coordinating with all the necessary groups needed to deliver the solutions defined in the workshop.

Workshop outcomes include:

  • Education on software contained in an EA
  • EA implementation roadmap
  • Knowledge of what to expect from WWT
  • How to leverage the ATC
  • Introduction to Adoption Services methodology
  • WWT EA+ Overview

    Software purchases are a significant component of enterprise IT budgets as EAs and SaaS dominate the market. WWT's EA+ helps you extract the full value of an EA. Simplify, accelerate and innovate your business.
  • Cisco ONE Software Overview

    Cisco ONE decouples software ownership from underlying hardware, allowing customers to better manage investments in data center, WAN and access.
  • COMET Overview

    Developed by WWT, COMET is a web application that allows customers to manage their Cisco service contract data in real time.