Start utilizing your enterprise agreements as a business strategy tool

Executive Overview

To take advantage of what today’s software advancements offer demands a new approach to EA management. We created EA+, so you can stop viewing EAs as a pricing tool and begin to reimagine how EAs can simplify, accelerate and innovate your business.

The goal for an EA+ Vision Workshop is to execute on priority projects, adoption targets, contract optimization and reporting needs.


Our Vision Workshop is a 2- to 4-hour session that will provide you with a detailed understanding of what software is contained in your EA and help to identify key KPIs that are required to make this a successful purchase for your organization.


Vision Workshops will help the Software and Lifecycle Services engagement team manage your roadmap through the duration of your EA. This offers you a central point of contact within WWT whose coordinating with all the necessary groups needed to deliver the solutions defined in the workshop. Workshop outcomes include:

  • Alignment of goals and stakeholders across the organization
  • A scope of the vision for the future environment
  • Introduction of WWT’s available capabilities
  • Creation of milestone activities
  • Set roadmap with Quarterly Business Reviews
  • WWT EA+ Overview

    Software purchases are a significant component of enterprise IT budgets as EAs and SaaS dominate the market. WWT's EA+ helps you extract the full value of an EA. Simplify, accelerate and innovate your business.
  • Cisco ONE Software Overview

    Cisco ONE decouples software ownership from underlying hardware, allowing customers to better manage investments in data center, WAN and access.
  • COMET Overview

    Developed by WWT, COMET is a web application that allows customers to manage their Cisco service contract data in real time.