NSO2 Basic Service Design Workshop

8 hours
This session is a follow up to the NSO1 Introductory Workshop.  The NSO2 Basic Service Design Workshop will get you familiar with YANG / Template service model creation. This workshop is intended to help administrators, engineers, architects and technical personnel to define and build a basic service model and understand the skills and techniques vital to NSO service modeling. 

What to Expect

This session is intended to get you familiar with Cisco’s Network Service Orchestrator (formerly Tail-F).  After completing this session, you will receive:
  • A refresher on the NSO fundamentals from the first NSO workshop
  • Skills that will help you setup a design environment
  • A working understanding of how to validate configurations vs. NSO NEDs
  • A working understanding of how to build a service template and the service design process
  • Skills that will help you create, test and refine your service models
  • A deeper look at MANO architecture and the use of the ESC product

Goals & Objectives

  • Refresh on basic NSO administration, GUI and CLI skills 
  • A clear understanding of service modeling and the service modeling process 
  • A clear understanding of the skills your organization will need to develop your own service models 
  • An understanding of NSO usage in NFV applications 

Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) is a service and configuration management software product from Cisco. The world's largest service providers and IT operators use NSO to orchestrate: 
  • service deployment;
  • policy and configuration management;
  • equipment on-boarding and migration; and
  • NFV service management.

This workshop is hands-on and lab intensive. You will have access to your own NSO instance and a desktop environment with all the tools needed to build service models. 

The session can be delivered on-site at your location, at the nearest WWT office or over Webex. You must be able to access the internet and the WWT Advanced Technology Center.


What's Next?
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