Aligning business and technology to understand your desired outcomes

Executive Summary

Navigating through the process of requirements gathering, user interviews, business use cases, documenting dependencies and proposing outcomes to develop a comprehensive scope of work can be daunting. We improve the efficiency and accuracy of the requirements definition process through a structured methodology that aligns your business outcomes and technology objectives so you can achieve your desired technology state.

A WWT Project Scoping Workshop (PSW) connects our consultants with your organization’s leadership and staff to discover:

  • Business requirements
  • Applicable technologies
  • Needed subject matter experts
  • Business use cases
  • Current state dependencies
  • Recommendations for solution design and implementation

Customer Benefits

The PSW discovery process fast tracks the project scope creation and aligns the stakeholders to a common objective. Interactive SME-to-customer dialogue and resulting discovery documentation delivers a faster draft technical solution, estimated schedules, and preliminary acquisition/implementation budgets. PSW discovery content and documentation gives you a way to socializing scope and requirements to internal stakeholders, which allows those not involved in the PSW to review a project for potential gaps and dependencies.

Our subject matter experts not only ensure technical requirements gathered align with your use case, but they also give you insight into the latest technology strategies, trends and capabilities. And, through our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) subject matter experts can show PSW participants how potential solutions can function, whether that be through integrated product and solution demonstrations, access to sandbox environments, specific technology briefings or a proof of concept as a scope of work matures. We highly encourage our customers’ to take advantage of our variety of ATC Lab Services throughout solution development.

Workshop Methodology

The PSW methodology provides efficiency through our proven process of identifying key stakeholders, engaging appropriate resources and aligning desired business outcomes. We use a series of exercises leveraging ideation techniques to define documents and deliverables such as:

  • Project Mission Statement
  • Requirements Flexibility Matrix
  • Deliverable Is/Is Not Table
  • Next Steps
  • Task Assignments

Our consultants collaborate with you to develop these deliverables, which serve as tools you can use to thoroughly communicate project scope, technologies, specific requirements and desired outcomes to your stakeholder community.

To prepare for a PSW, your WWT account team conducts an informal interview of your resources to understand your project needs, potential implementation dependencies, and whether additional discovery interviews are needed. Then our account team will set up an advanced planning meeting with you and our facilitator to discuss high level business requirements and technology alignment; the PSW schedule and venue; needed participants; and anticipated outcomes and deliverables. From there, we develop the draft PSW scope and agenda.

View our Project Scoping Workshop brochure.

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