Getting the most out of a VDI deployment

Executive overview

To better deploy applications, centralize desktop management and tighten security, organizations have deployed or are exploring Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). But it’s important to understand the intricacies of VDI in order to capture its full benefits. As the End User Computing (EUC) landscape has evolved, so had VDI and the solutions it provides to securely deliver a high-performance virtual desktop to end users while reducing capital and operational costs.

During a World Wide Technology (WWT) VDI Workshop, virtualization experts share their experience with enterprise VDI deployments and explore methodologies to ensure your success with VDI. You will learn about VDI reference architecture, the complexities and benefits of VDI, the market landscape, key product features, deployment considerations and proven methodologies to be successful with VDI. WWT will also share knowledge attained from our past experiences with other VDI deployments. At the end of the VDI Workshop, your organization will better understand the overall VDI solution and the proven WWT methodologies required to be successful with VDI.

Each WWT VDI Workshop is customized to an organization’s understanding of VDI and its strategic goals. The workshop is appropriate for clients new to the concept of VDI as well as those looking to modernize or expand existing VDI deployments.


A WWT VDI Workshop is typically a four- to eight-hour technical and strategic whiteboard session and roundtable discussion designed to help you better understand VDI architectural components and develop a strategy to deploy or optimize VDI in your environment. WWT takes a vendor-neutral approach to VDI, so you can explore multiple solutions and determine the deployment options that will work best for your organization.


This workshop gives your organization the chance to discuss your VDI goals and computing requirements with WWT’s virtualization experts. At the end of the WWT Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Workshop, your organization will have a better understanding of available VDI solutions and deployment options, as well as the next steps for addressing technical challenges and key business objectives with VDI. Benefits of WWT’s VDI workshop include:

  • Addressing strategic business and technical goals with VDI
  • Review of current market landscape and best practices
  • An understanding of the architectural components of VDI
  • Discussions of lessoned learned and considerations for VDI deployments
  • Developing use case and success criteria
  • Deep dive into specific technologies, design decisions, and integration points

View our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Workshop brochure.