Capture cost savings and drive business agility

Executive Overview

Speed of delivery, cost containment and managing heterogeneous environments are key Information Technology (IT) challenges that customers can address through the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and integrated cloud infrastructure solutions. WWT’s VMware® vRealize Design Workshop is designed to provide IT administrators and architects with the tools required to implement software that can provision multicloud, multi-vendor infrastructure and applications for private, public and hybrid clouds. VMware vRealize provides consistent, automated delivery and management of IT services, which reduces time-consuming manual processes and offers solutions for governance, cost containment and business agility.


The WWT VMware vRealize Design Workshop is a two-day class with hands-on labs that takes an architectural deep dive into vRealize. Participants learn about real-world use cases that apply to everyday data center concerns. They receive a live demonstration hosted through the WWT Advanced Technology Center that covers how to embrace multiple clouds through a multi-tenant solution using heterogeneous hypervisors. During the workshop, experts detail the financial benefits of using VMware® vRealize Business and provide participants with a working knowledge of major components of vRealize such as blueprints, approval policies, reservations, advanced services and more.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss challenges faced in the data center, as well as IT goals and requirements with WWT’s certified experts. Attendees will obtain a clear understanding of WWT’s proven cloud automation solutions within the next-generation data center. We will level set expectations for enabling cloud computing as well as illustrate how VMware® can drive business agility by automating the delivery of personalized IT services. WWT experts will provide attendees with a follow-up, high-level action plan based on the workshop’s key topics.

Expected outcomes for the workshop include:

  • List of defined use cases
  • List of assumptions and requirements that will be used to architecture solution
  • Follow-up sessions on specific topics to further define requirements (if needed)
  • Recommendation of architectural design based on requirements identified

View our VMware vRealize Design Workshop brochure.

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