Serving as role models and mentors for the next generation of women leaders.

Serving as role models and mentors for the next generation of leaders

We are passionate about developing a diverse pipeline of future leaders through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Our partnership with Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls enables us to make a difference in the lives of underserved young women by exposing them to STEM-related careers, developing their leadership capabilities and enabling them to make a positive impact in their communities.

Working together to help every student find their leadership voice.

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls engages their scholars in STEM courses that are taught using an interdisciplinary approach. WWT provides STEM-focused mentorship for Hawthorn students who are paired with women leaders within WWT to receive coaching, career modeling and accountability partners.

Strategic alignment

STEM Education

Workforce Development

Leadership Development

Benefits and outcomes

Create a passion for learning

Hawthorn's mission to spark academic success, combined with our affinity for solving complex challenges via technology, establishes an innovative mindset Hawthorn students can utilize throughout their academic and professional careers.

Instill confidence and courage

We led by example. By mentoring and acting as advocates for Hawthorn students, we help bolster their confidence and ability to pursue their passions.

Foster future STEM leadership

By modeling female leadership ourselves and engaging with young women early through Hawthorn, we are generating excitement around STEM and doing our part to grow the percentage of women STEM leaders moving forward. 

Develop a talent pipeline

The more we engage with Hawthorn students, the more they are exposed to WWT's workplace, culture and values. We are developing our future leaders.

Stepping up during COVID-19

Stepping up during COVID-19

Contribution and support are two of Hawthorn's core values. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools of all kinds to rethink their approach to educating students in non-traditional settings, WWT contributed our expertise in remote learning solutions and supported Hawthorn teachers with invaluable training so they could quickly deliver a more seamless virtual experience for themselves, their students and students' parents, each of whom were dealing with unprecedented and trying circumstances.

WWT has not only been a supporter, but a cheerleader of Hawthorn since opening. The thought partnership, care and problem solving we have received has been invaluable. The partnership has been very collaborative, which in turn has grown our teachers' and students' capacity with technology. Daphne Robinson | Head of School, Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

Diversity is critical to our success

Diversity is critical to our success

Our partnership with Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls is a key initiative within our broader Diversity & Inclusion program, which seeks to drive shared value across our people, business and community. Like our core values and culture, these programs serve as building blocks that make WWT a great place to work for all and are foundational to our long-term success.