We play a vital role in changing the world for the better.

Make a new world happen.

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Make a new world happen. This simple phrase encapsulates our ambition and what we do not just for our customers, but for our people and communities across the globe.

We are thinkers and doers. We combine strategy and execution to help organizations accelerate growth and realize a brighter future. We take complex technology solutions and make them practical and actionable. Then we deliver them globally.

A culture of innovation lies at our very core. You can see it in our people. We live and breathe change every day because we believe in doing whatever it takes to help organizations accelerate growth by connecting them to the right technology. And delivering it around the world.

We create new realities that build a brighter future by:

Building innovative solutions

Driving customer outcomes

Improving our communities

Inspiring our employees

We're making a new world happen for our customers, communities and people. Find out how

Our History

Founded in 1990, World Wide Technology (WWT) is a global systems integrator with $13.4 billion in annual revenue that provides digital strategy, innovative technology and supply chain solutions to large public and private organizations. Based in St. Louis, WWT employs 7,000 people and operates over 4 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and integration space in more than 20 facilities throughout the world. Our commitment and relentless focus on our people, customers, partners, culture and core values has stood the test of time — and is as relevant today as ever before.

A culture for all, a culture for good

A culture for all, a culture for good

Our culture is the foundation of who we are and how we act. It is built on a set of core values, inclusion and established leadership philosophies. Our culture manifests itself through our people and is directly tied to our ability to deliver positive outcomes for our customers, partners and communities around the globe.

Our success results from a culture of grit, determination and the courage to do the right thing. We embrace change and adopt a spirit of innovation that makes that change count.

In a world that is less end to end, we connect everything together

We look at the entire process — from beginning to end — by bringing both strategy and execution to the table, acting as a bridge between business and technology and blurring the lines between physical and digital. In doing so, we remove the barriers to make digital transformation happen.

We develop real, collaborative partnerships with our customers to connect their organizations to new possibilities.

We see the opportunities and make change happen fast. Infrastructure modernization is at the core of what we do for your network, data center and everything in between.

We design technology to deliver the best business outcomes, we test the viability of our solutions in our Advanced Technology Center.

Before drawing upon our global operations supply chain to implement them at scale - anywhere around the world.

We see the opportunities 
and make change happen fast.

Solutions and Services


Identify your organization’s goals and move forward with the right technology to reach the highest level of operational scale.


Foster agility and innovation and optimize the value of your cloud investments with a cloud smart strategy.


Inspire your customers and employees with exceptional digital experiences that promote innovation and drive growth.


Move beyond risk reduction and start thinking about security as a strategic enabler of your business and people.

Global operations

Turn your ideas into reality with our sophisticated, streamlined supply chain that delivers on time and on budget.

ATC Platform

A technology ecosystem to accelerate decision making, mitigate risk, continuously learn and prove out solutions.

Our leadership

Our leadership

Strong leadership is what matters most. Our leaders at every level of the organization are critical to our long-term success, starting at the top with our executive leadership team and permeating throughout our company. We are committed to maintaining a world-class leadership program for our employees that built on a foundation of trust and inclusivity.


To be the best technology solution provider in the world.



To create a profitable, growth company that is also a great place to work for all.


At a glance

Privately held for over 30 years

7,000+ employees globally

$13.4 billion in annual revenue; $2.1 billion international

Solution provider for more than 70 of Fortune 100 companies

Top Partner with Cisco, HPE, Dell Technologies, NetApp, F5, Intel, VMware and many others

Great Place to Work 10 years in a row



Our people are a competitive differentiator. We are committed to invest in talented, hard-working people looking to make a positive impact in the world. Joining our team is just the beginning — our employee development program creates opportunity for those who seek it.