Partner Spotlight: Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks & WWT

Protecting our digital way of life

WWT's strategic relationship with Palo Alto Networks started in 2015. Since then, we've grown to become one of their largest partners. We are a proud Diamond Innovator Partner, dedicated to continued growth and excellence in support of the Palo Alto Networks business. We've been awarded Palo Alto Networks' Fast Growth Partner of the Year two years in a row. Additionally, our global security team is completely aligned with Palo Alto Networks, creating an extensive bench of security experts ready to support the Palo Alto Networks business.


WWT & Palo Alto Networks - Delivering Next-Generation Security Solutions

Secure the Enterprise

Prevent cyber attacks with the industry-leading network security suite, which enables organizations to embrace network transformation while consistently securing users, applications and data, no matter where they reside.

Secure the Cloud

Prisma Cloud offers the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage for applications, data and the entire cloud-native technology stack throughout the development lifecycle and across multi- and hybrid cloud environments.

Secure the Future

Palo Alto Networks offers the industry's most comprehensive product suite for security operations, empowering enterprises with best-in-class detection, investigation, automation and response capabilities. Learn more in our Security Orchestration and Automation Readiness (SOAR) Assessment.

Palo Alto Networks in the ATC

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a collaborative ecosystem where customers are able to explore how Palo Alto Networks fits into integrated architectural solutions that further accelerate their digital transformation. The ATC, itself a software-defined next-generation data center, helps customers explore and prove out any Palo Alto Network technology through the following capabilities:

  • Palo Alto Networks appliance and VM Series models for evaluations, demos and training.
  • Training modules for services delivery and customer education, from App-ID implementation to complex firewall migration.
  • Demos showing Threat Prevention through Wildfire and Content-ID, URL- Filtering, and Policy enforcement incorporating App-ID and User-ID.
  • Integrations with F5, Cisco ISE, Cisco ACI and VMware NSX.
  • Integrations with Aperture in AWS and Office 365.
  • Traps Endpoint environment with future ability to deploy and demo live exploits and malware.


WWT holds many Palo Alto Networks certifications, including:

13 ASE-Certified Sales Professionals

60 Technical Pre-Sales (PSEs) Certifications for Endpoint and Data Center

8 Technical Post-Sales/Delivery (PCNSEs) Certifications

Learn more about our Palo Alto Networks capabilities, speak with an expert or take advantage of what we have in our labs.

Palo Alto Networks Diamond Innovator Partner
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