Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Read WWT CEO Jim Kavanaugh's message on recent attacks against Asian and Pacific-Islanders.

At WWT, we remain deeply committed to building an inclusive and safe environment for our employees, families and communities around the world. The recent attacks against Asian and Pacific-Islanders across the U.S. and around the world are wrong and must stop. Racism and violence are unacceptable and should have no place in our world. We stand together with our Asian and Pacific Islander employees, friends, families, customers, partners, and communities. We recognize we don't have all of the answers, nor can we fix all the underlying issues of racial injustice, but together, we can do our part to drive change. 

Ohana, WWT's Asian and Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group (ERG), is creating opportunities for discussion and education around this and other topics impacting the API community.  We are proud of the leadership role our WWT teammates are taking to address long-standing barriers to equity, opportunity, and inclusion. Our priority is to continuously improve our culture of inclusion and create a Great Place to Work for ALL. 


We stand in solidarity with anybody exercising their freedom of speech via nonviolent protests and action. Racism has no place in our world, and it must be stopped! Our priority is to continuously improve our culture of inclusion and equality by enhancing employee safety and well-being, listening to our teammates, fostering equality and creating a great place to work for all.

Dave Steward, Chairman and Founder
Jim Kavanaugh, CEO and Co-Founder


WWT’s Core Values are at the center of our culture and our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) program. Listening to understand and celebrating our unique qualities makes us better individually, collectively and ultimately drives business innovation and success.

Bob Ferrell, VP of Diversity & Inclusion

Key D&I Initiatives

Like our core values and culture, a set of key programs will serve as building blocks that make WWT a great place to work for all and be foundational to our long-term success — both from a business and D&I perspective. 

Dedicated D&I Team

Works closely with HR and Executive Leadership

Listening Tour

Committed to understanding our employees' thoughts and feelings

WWT Storytellers

Building awareness, growth and connections through real stories and experiences

IML D&I Training

Focused on awareness, unconscious bias, difficult conversations and empathy

Employee Resource Groups

Listening, learning and connecting to strengthen our diversity

D&I Focus

Recruiting, retention and development

Community Outreach

Giving back, creating opportunity and development, making the world a better place

Supplier Diversity

Helping develop and sustain diverse businesses

Mental Health

Supporting mental health is critical for building a world-class culture where all people want to work

Diversity & Inclusion Outcomes

Our D&I program is a commitment to continuously invest in a culture of inclusion that drives shared value across our people, business and community. When we invest in our people, we enable them to deliver tangible business outcomes and better themselves while creating a force multiplier for our collective ability to impact the communities in which we work.


Building a diverse workforce starts with our recruiting efforts and providing continuous education to our employees on embracing and celebrating the cultural differences of our employees. 

Business Impact

Creating a culture of inclusion encourages multiple perspectives, experiences and capabilities in problem solving. The results are significant to innovative and creative business outcomes.

Community Outreach

Continue driving change and education through community partnership. We believe making a positive social and business impact requires a combination of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Increasing empathy by sharing our stories

Effective storytelling increases empathy, which can lead to change. WWT Storytellers is a forum for employees to share their personal stories of challenge, growth, inspiration and triumph to help connect our employees globally. When employees feel safe and valued, they are more likely to make meaningful contributions to their teams, invest in their physical, mental and financial health, and seek ways to improve the community. 

Employee Resource Groups

Transformation doesn’t happen without listening. Our Employee Resource Groups strengthen our workforce culture dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. These groups help those in them better understand others through listening, learning and engaging. As we celebrate our employees’ unique contributions to our culture and business, we put them in a position to make meaningful impact on our business and community. 


Diversity hiring, retention and training

We are focused on increasing diverse candidates and hires in all areas of the business, investing our recruitment from diverse sources, committed to developing diverse teammates, and educating the rest of our organization to maintain an inclusive culture. Our goal is to ensure equity and inclusion is incorporated at every level of our organization in order to grow our employees.

Business Impact

Supplier Diversity

WWT ensures all of our business partners and suppliers are committed to conducting business with the highest possible standards in regard to ethics, labor, employee health and safety, diversity and the preservation of our environment. Our Supplier Diversity program aims to develop and sustain diverse and socially responsible business relationships, one contract at a time. Questions about our Supplier Diversity program? Contact us.

Community Outreach

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in our ability to make a difference in the world through commitment, action and accountability. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program seeks to advance our mission of being a profitable growth company that is also a great place to work for all by drawing on our core values and culture to positively impact our people, customers, partners and global environment.