Intel & WWT

Elevated Thermal Detection Solution

Elevated Thermal Detection Solution

Detect Heightened Temperatures for Customer and Employee Protection 

Standoff Scanner for Elevated Temperature Detection

In response to the immediate need for solutions to combat the spread of infectious diseases, WWT partnered with Intel to develop the Elevated Temperature Detection solution. Powered by Intel® Core™ Processors and leveraging Intel® RealSense™ cameras, this solution utilizes advancements in AI, machine learning and imaging for effective data capture and runs algorithms on the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Through depth and thermal sensing, we can now detect individuals with elevated temperatures, a primary indicator of virus infection.

WWT's Elevated Temperature Detection solution is a nearly autonomous, stand-off cart that can be easily deployed in multiple environments including businesses, academic institutions, airports and entertainment venues to protect employees, clients, students and visitors by sensing individuals with elevated internal temperatures or symptoms of fever. The solution ensures the highest levels of accuracy and consistency by utilizing a combination of built-in deep learning models and advanced optics that focus on the inner corner of the eye (the eye canthus area), which is considered to be the optimal area for temperature detection.

  • Quickly reads subject's temperature within 2-4 seconds
  • OpenAPI for ease of integration into access control, monitoring and other systems
  • Adjustable to a wide range of subject's heights (children through adults 44-74")
  • Detects obstructions such glasses and prompts subject for removal
  • Accurately reads temperatures with presence of hats and masks
  • Clearly indicates pass or requires additional attention
  • Operates with proper standoff (6 feet) from subject and operator
  • Powered by Intel® Core™ Processors and Intel® RealSense™ cameras, using the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
  • Default settings to ensure no PII and HIPAA data stored in systems

Hardware & Cameras

Combined optical and thermal camera readings along with pre-trained models to assist with face-detection and fever-detection
  1. Intel® RealSense™ camera to provide small-size, lightweight and high-quality depth scanning of individuals
  2. High quality and high-resolution thermal imaging
  3. 24" touchscreen monitor for operator view and 17" monitor for scanned individual view
  4. Intel® Core™ Processor and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit  algorithms to provide on-premise AI computing
  5. Precision blackbody for directly calibrated readings
  6. Small form factor—for compute at the edge
  7. APC units to provide backup power

Partnership Spotlight

This dynamic solution allows the user to mitigate the spread of infectious disease through smart building technology. Watch how this solution keeps people safe in real time action.

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