An underlying foundation for digital transformation

The transformation to digital networking has put additional demands on businesses to deliver new digital services to their employees and customers. Often these new services require higher bandwidth and speed, as well as the need to support the network, track performance and analyze traffic patterns. While all businesses, regardless of their size or industry vertical, have significant IT needs, many do not have the on-staff technical knowledge nor manpower to meet these needs.

A managed services offering can be a lifeline for businesses who lack the staff or expertise to fulfill the demands internally.

Our Solution

WWT’s Managed Services platform was built to serve as an underlying foundation for many of WWT’s digital transformation solutions. It allows organizations to expedite their digital initiatives and enhance end-user experiences through a solutions portfolio and analytics platform, underpinned by a 24/7 infrastructure management service.

Our customers can now fill technology gaps, avoid the cost of having to hire additional staff and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is always someone on call, watching their network and proactively pursuing remediation of outages or service issues, day or night.

With WWT’s Managed Services solution, organizations benefit from IT systems that work for the client, not the other way around.


WWT’s Managed Services platform offers 24/7/365 monitoring of client infrastructure. With proactive system monitoring and remediation in real-time, problems are often solved before they become emergencies or result in downtime. Our dedicated IT teams keep in-house staff from working unexpected nights and weekends, as well as take over every day troubleshooting – allowing internal teams to focus on strategic business goals.


WWT’s Command Center eliminates unpredictable IT, constant training sessions and system downtime. Highly skilled engineers manage detected issues, relieving our clients’ burden of tracking incidents and obtaining issue statuses. Historical trend reports provide information needed for crucial business decisions, while ServiceDesk and advanced IT support issues are all handled by our technical experts.


WWT’s technical team has the expertise to quickly remediate issues, either independently or by working with vendors. A fixed IT-support budget and dedicated team interacts with telco providers, giving clients valuable hours back to their workday. With an IT staff always working in the background, our clients’ reputations are bolstered in the eyes of employees, customers and shareholders.