Rick joined World Wide Technology in November 2005 as a member of the Professional Services group supporting the Federal Midwest team in a Consulting Systems Engineer role. During this time, he was responsible for supporting accounts within the Air Force, Army, Army National Guard, Department of Energy and the Veterans Administration. He was the CSE lead for the Air Force Engineering team, helping to build a team of incredibly talented, knowledgeable and customer-dedicated engineers. Rick is currently the practice lead in endpoint security at World Wide Technology. Prior to joining WWT, he worked at Symantec and Cisco. Rick has 20+ years of experience in the networking and information technology world providing technical support across a diverse range of technologies. He is a 10+ year CCIE in Route/Switch and has focused on the security field over the years. Prior to entering the IT field, he proudly served in the United States Navy attached to an attack squadron deployed on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific and as the Avionics Branch Chief in Pensacola, FL. Rick’s expertise centers specifically around Federal DoD networking and security infrastructure. Specific projects include Network Admission Control and 802.1x, Content security (proxy and email) and large scale, multi-enclave designs.

Q&A with Rick Dudeck

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I graduated high school and enlisted in the Navy for an advanced education in avionics. I spent eight years in the Navy in different capacities but all were related in some manner to electronic technologies. I ended up going back to school, focusing on computer technologies while still serving and then I was hired by a satellite data communications company upon my discharge. At the time, this was bleeding-edge technology and really afforded me the opportunity to learn new technologies, architectures and concepts in the data communications field. Fast forward to now and I’m still involved in a field I truly enjoy, working with cutting-edge technologies and products to assist our customers as they work to protect their systems and information.
What is your role at WWT?
I am the practice lead in endpoint security in our security practice. I primarily focus on our security OEM strategy and field enablement. Being in St. Louis, I am frequently called upon to present our practice capabilities to our executive briefing visitors as well as participate in security proofs of concept that our customers and partners request. I’ve also been known to provide a speaking keynote presentation or two.
What innovation is happening in your technology focus area that has you really excited?
Pretty much anything new gets me excited and in the security space, there’s something new coming along everyday. Some areas of information security that are very interesting are technologies around endpoint protection and analytics. The amount of information that has to be processed today is enormous. The key to being able to make sense of it all lies in new technologies around anomaly detection, analytics and behavior analysis.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
There isn’t one recent thing that I can point to that was a catalyst to solving a problem. I find that every time I meet with our customers I come away with something new. This is something I really enjoy about my role. The field of information security is so broad and so fragmented that there’s always something to be learned just by sitting down and talking with our clients. This learning not only benefits me but the next client I sit down with as well.