With WWT's employee-centric approach to strategic resourcing, everyone's a winner. Learn how WWT helps global organizations tackle the talent shortage. By helping you attract, enable and incentivize top talent for placement into temp-to-perm positions. 

The workforce crisis is real. There's no lack of coverage on how the "Great Resignation" and "Turnover Tsunami" are causing a global talent shortage of epic proportions.  

Of course, there's some debate about the root causes of all this, but one thing we can agree on is that the problem is a big one. The numbers don't lie.  

According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), between 3 and 4.5 million employees are quitting their jobs each month in the US. Job vacancy rates in EMEA and APAC are high and rising as well. According to PMI's 2021 Talent Gap report, the global economy needs 25 million new professionals by 2030. That means 2.3 million people will need to be identified each year to keep up with demand. These labor shortages will increase the risk of delivering projects on time, and on budget to meet customer expectations.  

As shared below, from the 2022 Global Recruitment Insights & Data (GRID) Trends Report, talent shortage is the number one challenge faced by employers globally. 

From an insider's perspective, the movement is being led, for the most part, by intelligent, hard-working people who, in knowing their worth, are simply demanding more. Dig a little deeper, and you'll find a pool of undiscovered young talent in need of direction and promise. So, with a growing number of unfilled--often crucial--positions, what's the global enterprise to do?  

Over three decades, WWT has cultivated a strategic resourcing practice to meet the needs of our customer base. This wealth of field experience puts WWT in a unique position to help you fill IT resourcing gaps conveniently, effectively and affordably.  

WWT will only be successful if both the organization served and the people placed are equally happy. This is why WWT only places talent that meets our own vigorous standards. Mirroring our own recruiting and employment processes and procedures for every placement. This way, all parties feel supported, valued and rewarded every step of the way.  

This article focuses on the three key components of the comprehensive resourcing approach WWT takes.  

Identify, acclimate and manage top talent with a full-service talent augmentation offering. 

WWT identifies, pre-screens, onboards, manages and retains consultants as needed with an option to hire. Resources have complete access to WWT assets and receive the advantages of full time employees. 

Discover and empower tomorrow's talent today through resource development programs. 

WWT partners to identify up and coming resources. In particular, young diverse talent, and provides training, mentoring and support required to integrate into a fulltime positions. 

Reinforce employee retention through upskilling and reskilling. WWT adoption services create and execute custom learning programs to bridge the IT skills gap, and realize greater employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Let's take a closer look at how each of these methods help employers and employees find fulfilment and satisfaction in the workplace. 

Identifying, acclimating and managing top talent with a full-service talent augmentation offering. 

With millions of IT jobs for hire, what makes top talent choose one company over another? 

Having spent over a decade on FORTUNE "100 Best Companies to Work For" list, WWT knows a thing or two about employee satisfaction. WWT's core values and focus on culture, inclusion and innovation permeates across the business. This extends without compromise to every consulting resource we represent.  

WWT delivers a hybrid resourcing model that combines over 3000 existing professional services personnel (with more than 1,500 industry certifications). Along with candidates sourced via WWT's ecosystem of partners to meet your unique resource requirements. 

From CxO level consultants, to SMEs and technical engineers, WWT delivers only the industry's best and brightest. With flexible employment terms and the option to hire full time. On average, WWT sifts through 20 candidates, conducts eight cultural screenings and 3 technical interviews for each role. This saves organizations approximately 18-20 hours per position in CV review and interview time. Also, WWT: 

  • Provides drug screening and legal background checks. 
  • Hosts a video screening to finalize consultant selection. 
  • Serves as a single point of contact for employee management by our dedicated service engagement team. 
  • Provides customized onboarding and ongoing support. 
  • Manages weekly timesheets and status reports. 

Once selected, consultants have direct access to WWT's world-class labs and training classes. Contact with a nationwide team of more than 3000 certified engineers. Use of the $600M+ ATC lab ecosystem, global integration centers and 24x7x365 technical service center.  

WWT is a leading partner to the world's largest manufacturers, and our customers benefit from our access to resources and tools available only to partners. WWT lends its own body of talent for peer review and cutover support. This provides a further layer of technical expertise to accelerate issue resolution using WWT experts and facilities. 

Discovering and empowering tomorrow's talent today through resource development program. 

 As a minority owned organization, WWT understands the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. WWT is among the growing number of influential organizations that are taking serious action to promote DEI. One way, is resource development and job placement for budding young professionals in diverse, under-serviced communities. 

As part of a larger Diversity and Inclusion program, WWT supports and collaborates with third-party organizations to create social impact through equal access to education and opportunity for underrepresented communities. 

Partners include:

 Through these partnerships, WWT has access to a large pool of aspiring technologists within diverse communities. We work to place them within customer organizations as part of a strategic resourcing program. For our customers (which includes some of the world's largest financial institutions and global enterprises), WWT is helping employers fill temp-to-perm positions with these promising young professionals. With WWT handling the discovery, training, onboarding and employee management.   

Reinforcing employee retention through upskilling and reskilling.  

A workplace survey report found that 94% employees would stay with a company that invests in their long-term learning. That is a number that employers cannot afford to ignore. While attracting top talent continues to be challenging and competitive, it's best not to lose the talent you have! 

An efficient and effective upskilling strategy is a critical part of sustaining a strong workforce. The skills IT employees need to succeed are ever-evolving. Providing training programs and mentoring opportunities not only helps employees develop new skillsets, but, moreover, it fosters deeper employee engagement and growth. 

Some of the world's biggest organizations rely on WWT's training and technology adoption programs to upskill talent. This increases employee productivity while delivering successful business outcomes. Through a variety of flexible training capabilities, such as the Advanced Technology Center, global engineering experts and media production skills. Each program ensures technology assets are utilized to their maximum potential by skilled and satisfied talent.   

Training programs may include all or any of the following: 

  • Workshops. 
  • On-demand videos. 
  • Live and virtual training. 
  • Hands-on mentoring sessions. 
  • Quick reference guides and technical documentation. 
  • Surveys and reporting. 

As part of WWT's strategic resourcing strategy, we also offer a technical skills curriculum to our consulting services team. Training courses may be taken as an initial way to establish baseline skills, or performed on an as-needed basis. This builds technical, tool and platform knowledge needed to successfully support project work.