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The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a digital ecosystem accessible anytime from anywhere in the world. Its cutting-edge technology and expert guidance empower you to design, build, test, evaluate and implement the right technology solutions.


VMs in the ATC Cloud


Rack capacity


Infrastructure investment


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Experience innovation like never before

AI Proving Ground

Experience the industry's premier multi-OEM AI testing environment.

Cyber Range

Fortify your cyber defenses across your people, processes and technology.

Labs & Learning

Accelerate future-proof skills development and real-world readiness.


Real-world insights to help you execute technology strategies that drive business value.

What can the Advanced Technology Center do for you?

Proofs of concept
Proofs of concept
Push the boundaries in a robust, unbiased proving ground to compare, test and validate technologies and vendors.
Lab hosting
Lab hosting
Dedicated access to secure, on-demand lab data center space designed to your requirements.
Simulate applications unique to you to demonstrate how a solution seamlessly integrates into your environment.

Built on a robust partner ecosystem


Hundreds of on-demand labs at your fingertips

Get hands on with our wide array of labs.

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WWT's AI Proving Ground Lets Clients Evaluate AI Models and High-Performance Architectures

Compare, test and train LLMs and other AI-powered solutions in WWT's AI Proving Ground — a first-of-its-kind, dedicated, dynamic lab environment featuring the latest reference architectures, hardware and software from the leading AI/ML innovators.
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Navigating AI Transformation: A Roadmap for CEOs

CEOs must recognize AI as a critical component for staying ahead. Strategic AI investment, rigorous execution and organizational transformation centered around AI can drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer experiences.
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AI Drivers License

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driver's License is a new WWT initiative aimed at ensuring we are using AI safely and effectively for our customers. The Driver's License is a way for us to validate and certify that our employees have mastered basic AI competencies and are leveraging current AI best practices in all of our client engagements. This is WWT's public version of the AI Drivers License learning path and is encouraged to be shared with others!
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Cyber Range - Initiation

Initiation is a Capture the Flag (CTF) lab meant to introduce you to the WWT Cyber Range platform and serve as a tutorial for future events. You will be introduced to the features and functionality as well as provided tips for success during future WWT Cyber Range CTFs. This lab will also allow you to test your access using the same platform we use for our live CTF events so you can make sure you will be ready on game day.
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How You Can Secure AI Strategies | Research

For AI to truly add value, it must be developed with security as a foundational element. Watch WWT's Global Head of AI Security Kent Noyes discuss how to balance the risk and reward of AI so we can use it to our advantage.
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The ATC data centers house more than 350 racks of equipment, significantly accelerating technology evaluation time — from months to weeks or even days.

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