As a United States Air Force Veteran, military son, spouse, and parent, the significance of Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day is deeply personal to me. From the day I was born, the military has played a significant role in shaping my relationships and defining my personal and professional endeavors. My time in uniform set the foundation for everything that would follow.

Guy McDonald, Director | Sales Development Programs and ERG Lead, WWT VETS

I transitioned out of the military over 30 years ago, yet my personal commitment to serving the United States continues even in the private sector. I joined World Wide Technology (WWT) 12 years ago as a Consulting Systems Engineer (CSE) and immediately knew there was something special about this place. The culture fosters a sense of purpose not unlike the feeling you get in a mission-oriented military unit.

In my time here, I've connected with dozens, if not hundreds, of fellow veterans. Our shared experiences have given us something in common right out of the gate, and these relationships often contribute to our growth and development personally and professionally. 

I've found that the company's mission and commitment to being a Great Place to Work for All extends to individuals from all backgrounds, including veterans and those actively serving in the military. 

 WWT recognizes and values the unique combination of skills and experiences that military veterans bring to the workplace. This is evident in our active recruitment efforts, partnering with organizations like RecruitMilitary and Hiring Our Heroes, to tap into the exceptional talent pool of current and former service members. 

Of course, recruiting individuals with military service backgrounds into the workforce is just the first step. At WWT, we strive to create an environment where they can thrive and feel supported, especially if they are still on active duty. We not only meet the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines outlined in USERRA but always try to go above and beyond to provide support and accommodations to employees navigating military obligations alongside their civilian careers at every stage. 

 In 2020, WWT announced its Diversity and Inclusion program, which included the launch of seven—now eight—employee resource groups (ERG), one of which is WWT VETS. Joining this employee resource group allowed me to connect with other Veterans in the organization, fostering a sense of camaraderie beyond my role and team. Being able to connect with fellow veterans who share common backgrounds and experiences and being able to leverage the ERG as a "rally point" has been extremely beneficial in navigating my career journey here at WWT.  

When the opportunity arose for me to lead WWT VETS, I was thrilled at the prospect of continuing to foster a strong veteran community and advocate for veterans, reservists, Guardsmen, active-duty personnel, and their families both within the workplace and the wider community. As the lead of the VETS ERG, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a strong and dedicated steering committee, and working alongside an active membership that continues to serve in a variety of ways in alignment with our three pillars of Workforce, Business Outcomes, and Community Outreach.  

Supporting employees during their military service is incredibly important to the VETS ERG and WWT as a whole. Three recent examples of WWT's support are the story of Jehovany Cruz, Bradley Harley and Jacob McCann, all of whom I've had the opportunity to connect with while leading WWT VETS. 


Jehovany Cruz (right) with Tom Hurlbert (left) at GHQ presenting the flag.

Jehovany is an architect on the Infrastructure Services team. When Jeho was called to active duty in December of 2023, he experienced overwhelming support from his colleagues and leadership. "I was impressed with how WWT colleagues and leadership handled and supported me while I was deployed! When I received the deployment order, I submitted it to the HR team, and someone contacted me and my manager to provide instructions on what to do and what to expect, which made the process as seamless as possible. But the support didn't stop there! While deployed, my manager, Brad, contacted me monthly and sent me a care package that included items that my team had collected for me. As a token of appreciation, I presented a flag flown at my base and Space Force compound to our VETS ERG."

As much as the team has supported Jeho during his time serving, he has shown up for them as well. His manager, Bradley Keil, shares how his military experience, values, and work ethic directly impact the team's culture. "There is so much to say about Jeho, but his leadership and attitude has been second to none. These qualities are just who Jeho is as a person but was exemplified by his time serving our country. He is always willing to jump in to help out a team member to make sure that we go above and beyond for our customer." 



Bradley Harley, ACSE at WWT and a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard 

Bradley Harley, an ACSE (Associate Consulting Systems Engineer) in Global Finance, also shares his positive experience as a veteran at WWT. When Brad was called to active duty for technical training related to his army specialty, he initially worried about the impact on his job. However, WWT's accommodations policies and the support he received from his manager and team quickly squashed any trepidation.

"WWT has been more than accommodating for my military service. When I joined WWT, I was worried that during active duty, I would be at a disadvantage for missing so much time. The reality was far from that! WWT's differential pay and commitment to veterans allowed me to be able to leave for a total of 9 months worry-free. When I returned, I was welcomed back with open arms. My managers have made me feel like being in the military is not a burden for my job, but something I should be proud of. Through their continued support of me as a veteran and employee, this company is truly a great place to work."  

The skills and training acquired through military service directly impact WWT's business and culture. Bradley's IT-related training benefits not only himself but also the Army and WWT. His manager, Ed McElroy, also shares how Brad's experience in the military positively affects the team. "Brad's positive energy and work ethic have been infectious within the Team and Organization. He has quickly established himself as the "Next Generation" of Sales Engineers for WWT." 


Jacob McCann, Production Technician at the NAIC and member of the Illinois National Guard.

Similarly, Jacob McCann, a Production Technician at WWT's North American Integration Center (NAIC) and a member of the Illinois National Guard, highlights the exceptional support he's received during his military duty, including his current deployment. "WWT has been more than accommodating with my military duty over the last four and a half years, not just for this deployment. My team, HR, and Guy helped immensely in the days leading up to my leave. My team has also supported me with regular check-ins and sending support packages throughout. I look forward to my return at the end of the mission."  

Jacob's team eagerly awaits his return after he completes his deployment, as they miss him but fully understand his duty and continued service. Tim Wiscombe, Jacob's manager, also shares this sentiment. "Jacob is a very reliable team member, and we are all very thankful for his willingness to serve our country. He serves us well with a great attitude and much rigor and discipline, so we know he is doing the same for his country." 



As we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, we extend our deepest gratitude to all veterans, reservists, guardsmen, active duty personnel, and their families. At World Wide Technology, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where their unique skills and experiences are valued and celebrated. Together, we honor their service and continue to build a workplace culture that thrives on diversity, inclusion, and the unwavering spirit of those who have served our nation.