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Cisco & WWT: Collaboration

Cisco Collaboration

Cisco Solutions

We provide a range of services to help our customers quickly and comprehensively adopt Cisco collaboration technology as they pursue digital transformation. 

Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) serves as the foundation for Cisco's entire collaboration portfolio. We help customers deploy CUCM on premises, in the cloud or a combination of the two, as well as stay current on CUCM releases. 

Cloud Calling

Cisco UCM Cloud and Webex Calling offer two great options for cloud calling. We help customers determine which is right for them and work side-by-side to ensure operational stability and positive end-user experiences. Regardless of deployment, WWT's Managed Services mean that we can manage Cloud Calling support.

Webex Meetings

WWT and Cisco deliver a meeting experience that is intuitive, integrated and scalable. Beyond designing and deploying Webex Meetings solutions, we integrate Webex with existing software and third-party tools, as well as help employees adopt the full range of Webex features. 

Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center is a powerful tool in evolving customer interaction. We help customers onboard capabilities such predictive analytics routing, workforce optimization and customer engagement analytics as part of an omnichannel contact center strategy. 

Cisco Collab Devices Video Endpoints, Headsets

Cisco improves collaboration with intelligent endpoints, from business phones and headsets to Webex Room Kits, Webex Boards and desktop endpoints. We deploy them at unmatched speed and scale. 

Why WWT for Cisco Solutions



Unified Contact Center Express 12.5 Configuration Lab

Configure Cisco's Unified Contact Center Express from the ground up. Start with a review of the installation parameters and licensing. Configure JTAPI call control, create a queue, and assign agents and supervisors to take inbound calls. Test it all using Cisco Finesses agent and supervisor desktops.

Collaboration System Release 12.5 Configuration Lab

Create a working Cisco Unified Communications system, including Call Manager, Unity Connection and Instant Messaging servers. By the end of the lab, you will have a fully configured base installation ready to add users and devices.

Cisco Finesse 12.5 Administration Lab

Customize Cisco Finesse 12.0 agent and supervisor desktops to meet your contact center needs. Configure reason codes, workflows, modify the desktop layout and configure desktop chat capabilities. Test the changes using Cisco Jabber soft-phones and the Finesse desktop.

Workshops & Briefings

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Workshop Meetings

Collaboration & Productivity Strategy Workshop

WWT's Collaboration & Productivity Strategy Workshop helps teams uncover challenges and evaluate tool sets that will speed processes, reduce costs and increase productivity.
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Briefing Cisco

Cloud Calling Briefing

Cloud calling or UC as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based technology that offers enterprise voice communication services via a third-party host. Migrating on-prem UC infrastructure to the cloud offers a number of advantages, such as carrier-class security, geo-redundant deployments, faster upgrade cycles, easy self-service and reduced maintenance costs. Cloud calling providers offer different levels of support service based on customer requirements. Cisco and WWT provide two options for Cloud calling; Webex Calling and UCM Cloud Calling. This briefing explores these solutions to help identify which solution has the capabilities best suited for an organization's unique needs.
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Briefing Meetings

Enterprise Video Conferencing: Next-Gen Meetings Briefing

Meetings are integral to how we do business -- they're where decisions are discussed and made. Good meetings are simple to schedule and join, and they foster engagement and collaboration from each participant, whether remote or in person. This two- to four-hour briefing will focus on the latest meeting room technologies and explain the various options for simplifying and enhancing the experience across your enterprise.
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Workshop Unified Communications

Contact Center Workshop

WWT's Contact Center workshop helps organizations identify areas of improvement, set priorities and reduce the complexity of vendor and solution selections.

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