Digital Workspace Envisioning Workshop

8 hours
The Digital Workspace is an individual’s personalized collection of devices, software, connectivity and collaboration solutions that they use to do their work. This workshop covers the key elements of the digital workspace and how customers can understand the rapidly changing technologies and services that are available.

What to Expect

The promise of the Digital Workspace is compelling: putting employees' experience first and providing them access to their applications anytime and anywhere.  But there are challenges.  In this hands-on workshop that will include demos of the latest workspace technology, WWT experts discuss how to best define your optimal employee experience.  It will also cover common challenges associated with a digital workspace including how to ensure simplified device management and end-point security.  Other key topics include:
  • End User Computing (EUC), Unified Communications (UC), Video, Conferencing and Team Collaboration
  • Comprehensive Device and Identity Management
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Modern Application Delivery
  • Device Lifecycle Management
  • Wireless Networking to Support the Digital Workspace
  • Advanced Features Including Location Analytics

Goals & Objectives

Our Digital Workspace Envisioning Workshop is a full or multi-day session focused on exploring what Digital Workspace means for your organization and how to achieve workforce productivity and employee engagement goals. Experts will help you determine the right combination of tools for your end users that will speed processes, reduce costs and increase productivity. With this, they’ll advise on how to simplify the implementation, and adoption of these tools, so employees can better connect anywhere, anytime and on any device.

What is a workshop?
A working session in which your technology decision makers, Architects, Engineers, and Line of Business representation meet with WWT Subject Matter Expert, Engineers, and program/process management to evaluate or compare how specific strategies and technologies could be deployed in your organization. These are paid engagements with a defined outcome and deliverable, e.g. Action Plan, High-level Architectural Design, Proposal or Quote for Project Implementation. Takes place in person or via video conferences that last from 4 hours to 5 days.​ 

Who should attend?
Digital workforce leaders, CIOs, employee experience champions, architects, engineers, IT directors and Line of Business representation. Anyone with a material interest and responsibility for delivering, consuming, and supporting the solution.


During this workshop, we use our proven method for analyzing requirements, prioritizing solution features, exploring solutions through hands-on comparisons and designing solutions. Key benefits include

  • An open discussion with your core team to better define business requirements
  • A valuable "independent" environment for technology owners to discuss and co-develop use cases
  • A high-level review of current infrastructure and licensing models to maximize current investments
  • High-level solution design based on identified business requirements, use case development and current topology