Supply Chain and Integration Services


As companies embrace digital transformation, simplified supply chain solutions become critical to enabling business success. 

But today’s supply chain is increasingly complex and interdependent as organizations invest in strategic focus areas, leaving them reliant on multiple vendors that have their own supply chains. When those supply chains are disrupted, the ripple effect travels all the way to your end customer.

WWT simplifies this process, becoming your single point of contact to design, build, test and deploy fully integrated systems on time and within budget.

  • Accelerate time to market to boost competitive advantage, capture new business and delight customers with accelerated product delivery.
  • Increase predictability and visibility of large, multi-site rollouts to gain real-time insights and flexibility to level load demand when plans change.
  • Scale and streamline shipments of pre-configured, multi-vendor solutions.
  • Optimize costs and transform the supply chain into a revenue generating part of the business.



Technical Expertise. On a Global Scale.

More than 4 million square feet of warehouse and integration space spread over three continents with capacity to configure more than 30,000 systems per week.


Staging and Integration to Speed Time to Revenue

Time to market is paramount for our customers. As demand for IT services grow, WWT has been able to leverage its experience eliminating constraints on IT equipment fulfillment to cut lead times to days, instead of weeks or months. 

Proof Point: We helped a telco operating with dozens of legacy platforms consolidate its network while shaving its seven-year rollout plan in half. 


Scalable Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

Our customizable supply chain programs are capable of supporting the largest of organizations on their own terms. These scalable solutions allow you to ramp up or down as needed on the fly to optimize costs. 

For the Win: A financial services firm tapped us to deploy 8,000 integrated servers to sites serving multiple lines of business. Our customizable program cut lag time from four months to four weeks.



Add Predictability to the Equation

Understanding the patterns in our customers’ supply chains to improve predictability is crucial to delivering on our time to market capabilities. By knowing what a customer needs and when, we can develop a plan for advanced stocking of product, thus avoiding project delays. 

Success Story: A healthcare agency needed us to deploy a converged infrastructure as it moved to a fully virtualized environment. We met the deadline three months ahead of schedule.

End-to-End Supply Chain & Integration Services Anywhere in the World

WWT Supply Chain & Integration Services
Map showing WWT Integration Lab & Regional Hub locations


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