Supply Chain and Integration Services

Simplified IT deployments that accelerate time to market, predict workflow and reduce costs.

Organizations must rapidly deploy technology to keep up with customer demands and remain competitive. Our supply chain solutions collapse product lead times, provide just-in-time availability, reduce onsite integration and allow for visibility throughout the project lifecycle. Our global Integration Centers are built to scale and streamline shipments of pre-configured, multi-vendor solutions.


Time to market is critical. Boost competitive advantage, capture new business and delight customers with accelerated product delivery. 


Increased visibility and predictability of large, multi-site rollouts to gain real-time insights and flexibility to level load demand when plans change.

Cost Reduction

Accelerated time to market and increased predictability lead to cost reduction. Transform your supply chain into a revenue generating part of the business.

Material Planning

Optimize to significantly reduce or eliminate lead times.

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Staging and Integration

Slash on-site labor costs without sacrificing consistency and quality.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Maximize the use of capital investments within your organization.

Order Management

When you’re ready to order, we’re ready to fulfill.

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Fully Integrated Systems On Time and Within Budget

A newly built cyber analytics center was in need of a comprehensive security and data analytics infrastructure solution. After architecting the solution, we configured customized rack brackets to stabilize the equipment within the customer's data center. To meet strict international shipping standards, we vapor sealed racks with barrier material and polyethylene foam to prevent moisture from seeping into the equipment during its three-month overseas voyage. The customer was able to meet complex requirements and receive a fully integrated and hardened system on time and within budget.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

WWT provided key resources and expertise over multiple engagements to a major North American telco conglomerate to solve challenges related to a customer program by configuring and deploying servers across the U.S.

  • Velocity: Cycle time for configuration, car insertion and shipment reduced from three weeks to three days.
  • Predictability: 100 percent on-time delivery
  • Cost reduction: Fixed price model for the program.

We worked with several OEM partners to support a customer in its upcoming syndication to another international media company, and leveraged our material management, logistics and international expertise to support the program.

  • Velocity: Placed preliminary orders with OEMs to reduce lead times.
  • Predictability: Provided material logistics services, including title transfer and consolidation of OEM shipment to syndication partners.
  • Cost reduction: Reduced cost related to program management, OEM management and export.

Our support included network infrastructure projects at a customer’s entertainment venues by performing material management, rack build and systems integration before testing, shipping and assisting with on-site installation.

  • Velocity: Built and shipped complete network infrastructure system in three weeks.
  • Predictability: 100 percent on-time performance
  • Cost reduction: Costs related to equipment functionality or delays in on-site turn up contained by centralizing build and testing.

WWT helped design, upgrade and standardize a customer’s 200+ conference rooms and executive suites while performing on-site installation and testing.

  • Velocity: Centralized procurement and pre-configured bundles to reduce vendor management.
  • Predictability: 100 percent on-time performance.
  • Cost reduction: Reduced costs by providing material logistics and on-site coordination.


Gain a better understanding of how different approaches to supply chain management can accelerate time to market, increase predictability and reduce costs.

Technical Expertise on a Global Scale

Over 3 million square feet of warehouse and integration space spread over three continents with capacity to configure more than 30,000 systems per week.

Supply Chain and Integration Services

WWT operates in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, and we can fulfill product virtually anywhere in the world. To ensure product integrity, we coordinate with multi-vendor, global enterprises to manage complex international supply chains.

Asset Management

Asset Tagging
System Tagging
Serial Control
Custom Labeling
Configuration Records
RFID Tagging
Color Coding
B2B Integrations

Imaging & Configuration

Desktops and Laptops
Blade Enclosures
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Multimedia Devices
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Rack Integration

Custom Rack Building
Cable Management
Custom Crate Building
Driver Maintenance
Physical Design
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Custom Labeling
Devices and Cable

Testing & Burn-In

Device Inspection
24/48/72 Burn-In
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