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BGP Route Reflectors

Foundations Lab

Solution overview

In this lab, participants explore the concept and implementation of BGP route reflectors to optimize the routing architecture by replacing an existing full-mesh internal BGP (iBGP) configuration. The session starts with a theoretical understanding of the limitations and challenges associated with full-mesh iBGP setups, particularly the scalability issues due to the exponential growth of required peering sessions in larger networks. Participants then learn about the role and functionality of route reflectors in overcoming these challenges by allowing iBGP routers to exchange routes without the necessity of a full mesh, thus reducing the number of BGP sessions. The practical exercises guide the learners through the process of configuring a route reflector in a simulated network environment, demonstrating how it can efficiently distribute routes to other iBGP peers. By transitioning from a full-mesh to a route reflector topology, participants witness firsthand the reduction in complexity and improvement in network scalability, gaining valuable insights into advanced BGP configurations and operational efficiencies.

Lab diagram

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