BENGALURU, India, June 19, 2024 -- World Wide Technology, a global technology solutions provider leading the AI and digital revolution, announced, today, it will strengthen its collaboration with the Kalisu Foundation, an organization dedicated to educational social impact, to enhance educational opportunities and STEM enrichment programs in Karnataka and beyond. This follows the parties' successful establishment of 11 new libraries in the region since 2021.

"From robotics competitions and science exhibitions to interactive storytelling and mentorship sessions, the new STEM programs will provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge, collaborate with peers and explore STEM careers," said Bob Ferrell, Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) at World Wide Technology. "By combining WWT's technical expertise and Kalisu's extensive reach, this partnership continues to inspire the next generation of innovators, problem solvers and technology leaders, empowering them to make meaningful contributions to our communities and the world at large," he added.

The announcement comes after the 15 June grand opening, in Bengaluru, of the Mathikere Government School Library, marking the 11th library established under WWT's three-year collaboration with the Kalisu Foundation. This initiative aims to enhance educational opportunities for 3,324 children in government schools across Karnataka and Telangana.

Commenting on the association, MM Nikilesh, Co-Founder and CEO of the Kalisu Foundation, said, "Since 2021, we have observed a remarkable rise in literacy and a burgeoning enthusiasm for learning among the young minds we serve. On average, an astounding 100 books are devoured every week, leading to an impressive annual consumption of 39,600 books. This remarkable achievement highlights the profound impact these libraries have had on the community."

As part of the collaboration, WWT also announced the contribution of nearly 18,000 books, covering a wide spectrum of subjects and genres designed to encourage youth exploration, intellectual curiosity and lifelong love for reading.

WWT expansion reflects growth, recognition tied to focus on people, culture and outcomes

WWT India began in 2014 and has achieved significant expansion, consistently achieving a growth rate of over 200% since 2018, while growing from a small team of three business-development, management-consulting and finance specialists within its Mumbai headquarters to more than 610 employees and contractors today, across locations in Mumbai, Gurugram and Hyderabad.

Such growth parallels corporate recognition from numerous industry-partner and workplace awards over the years. In 2023, Great Place To Work® India — the global certification authority on workplace culture — ranked WWT 11th out of their out of 100 on their list of 'India's Great Mid-Size Workplaces' and recognized the company among India's Best Workplaces Building a Culture of Innovation By All'. In 2022, WWT India received, from Cisco, the 'Enterprise Partner of the Year' and 'Software Partner of the Year' awards.

Reflecting its mission and culture, WWT supports its employees and communities in endeavors that create a positive impact across society. Most recently, WWT celebrated International Yoga Day to inspire health, well-being and harmony among 5th to 7th grade students. Led by a certified yoga instructor from Atma Darshan Yogashram, the event included yoga-themed writing contests and mindful eating exercises designed to reinforce the connection between physical health and nourishing the body with wholesome foods.

Headquartered in Mumbai, WWT India provides advanced IT solutions and consulting services for a wide range of clientele across the financial services, global service provider, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. The company's Asia Integration Centre in Mumbai, which began operations in November 2019, is the fourth of its kind, globally, following St. Louis, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

About World Wide Technology
Founded in 1990, World Wide Technology (WWT), a global technology solutions provider leading the AI and Digital Revolution, with $20 billion in annual revenue, combines the power of strategy, execution and partnership to accelerate digital transformational outcomes for large public and private organizations around the world. Through its Advanced Technology Center, a collaborative ecosystem of the world's most advanced hardware and software solutions, WWT helps customers and partners conceptualize, test and validate innovative technology solutions for the best business outcomes and then deploys them at scale, through its global warehousing, distribution and integration capabilities.

With nearly 10,000 employees and more than 55 locations around the world, WWT's culture, built on a set of core values and established leadership philosophies, has been recognized 13 years in a row by Fortune and Great Place to Work® for its unique blend of determination, innovation and leadership focus on diversity and inclusion. With this culture at its foundation, WWT bridges the gap between business and technology to make a new world happen for its customers, partners and communities.

About Kalisu Foundation
Kalisu Foundation, a dynamic youth-driven NGO founded in 2013, has a consistent focus on delivering high-quality education to children from low-income backgrounds who attend government schools. Our dream is to equip every child with the knowledge, skills and character required realise their full potential and undergo life-altering transformations. We are also a 12A and 80G registered organization conceptualized in 2013. Today, the Kalisu Foundation is making a tangible impact, reaching the lives of over 8000 children across 16 government schools.