Enterprise Service Orchestration Briefing

2 hours

Enterprise Service Orchestration seeks to ensure optimal performance while looking for manual workflows that can be replaced with intelligent digital alternatives.  Enterprises everywhere have an opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage from automation technologies, not just from labor cost reductions, but also from performance benefits such as increased throughput, higher quality and decreased downtime.

WWT's Enterprise Service Orchestration Briefing provides a fast way to cut through the hype and rapidly increase your organization's knowledge and comprehension of the terminology, market trends, technology solutions and use cases that make automation tangible and real.

What to Expect

This briefing provides practical advice and guidance regarding Enterprise Service Orchestration concepts and technologies.

  • Enterprise Service Orchestration overview
  • Connecting people, process and platforms across the enterprise
  • Use cases and benefits
  • Where to start: Key considerations

Goals & Objectives

Purpose: The purpose of this workshop is to provide practical advice and guidance regarding enterprise automation concepts and technologies.

Objectives: Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will gain knowledge and comprehension of the following enterprise automation concepts and technologies:

Voice of the customer

  • Strategic goals
  • Current barriers to achievement
  • Ideal future state capture

Untangling automation

  • Automation perspectives, domains, layers and levels
  • 360 view of automation
  • People, process and platforms
    • Navigating the skills gap
    • Automation tools market trends
    • Simple workflow mapping examples and techniques
  • WWT customer adoption and use cases

Key considerations

  • Where to start: Start simple
  • Platform selection and foundational design


  • A clear understanding of what enterprise automation is and the problems it solves.
  • Insight into the realities of the enterprise automaton marketplace: what's real and what's truly ready.
  • Technology solution recommendations based on common use cases.
  • Clear next steps to labs, technical workshops and design workshops.


  • Clear understanding of the difference in automation paths and layers
  • Insight into the automation marketplace: key players and use cases
  • Solution recommendations based on common use cases
  • Labs and workshops that can help accelerate your automation journey