Starfish User Experience

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Solution Overview
Starfish is a global software company providing automation, self service and monitoring for Unified Communication systems.

The solution in this experience lab provides a business case rule that triggers the creation of Cisco Unified Communication resources when a new user is created in Active Directory. The automation process should provide a high quality experience that should reduce any manual errors that may be experienced from daily moves, add and changes.

Goals & Objectives

In this experience lab will you create a new user based on a developed business rule. That business rule will trigger an automation process creating a Cisco device, determining a available extension, associating user info and creating a mailbox.  The estimated time to completion is 2 hours. 

This lab provide the user experience for:
  • Using a dashboard to monitor basic vital signs
  • Triggering a user creation based on a business rule
  • Signing into and over viewing the Self-Service Portal
  • Signing into and over viewing the Help Desk Portal
  • Reviewing data required for a business rule

Hardware & Software

This lab consist of the following components:
  • Cisco Unified Communication Manager 11.X
  • Cisco Unity Connection 11.X
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Starfish Provision Manager
  • Starfish Self Service Manager