Accelerate mission outcomes while ensuring systems are robust, protected, resilient and reliable.

5G Public Sector



5G networks don't just magically rollout. 

We make 5G work.

WWT provides a framework for envisioning, integrating and activating products and services that will thrive on 5G's revolutionary speed and low latency.



End-to-End 5G Enablement

Our 5G enablement strategy builds on a vision of helping government bodies cost-effectively accelerate mission outcomes by validating with speed and integrating at scale complex multi-vendor 5G solutions. 


Build a Comprehensive 5G Security Strategy

The cloudification of mobile networks is leading to a new paradigm of how government agencies approach and think about cybersecurity. Advancement of technology and use of new architectures and features such as network slicing and virtualization introduces new threats that require new types of controls to be implemented.