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When adopting a new technology, significant barriers to change must be overcome before an organization or individual will accept the technology into their workflow. In fact, according to this Software Usage and Waste Report from 1E, 38 percent of all software purchases go unused.

WWT’s Adoption Services specialists work to address the barriers head on by creating customized training that supports an organization’s IT administrators and end users to create a smooth and successful rollout for new collaboration, security, enterprise networking and data center solutions across multiple technology manufacturers.

What to Expect

To kick off the engagement, our specialists will conduct a workshop with your key stakeholders from a number of backgrounds – people who are decision-makers, champions of technology, as well as those who are less receptive to change – so that we can get a wide variety of user experiences to help shape and drive optimal adoption.

Starting with an initial pilot group of users, we’ll go through and craft a solution to meet your organization’s specific needs and culture. After the pilot program is completed, we’ll help you create a strategy to scale up to the entire workforce.

All of this takes place against a backdrop of established use cases with measurable goals and realistic timelines for the new technology’s adoption. The results of a comprehensive adoption services project will be seen throughout your organization as individuals use the new technology faster and more effectively to achieve increased productivity and collaboration.

The phases of our adoption services program can be boiled down to three basic elements: advise, engage and optimize.


We’ll guide you through vision planning workshops, system health checks and help you identify your business drivers and use cases. Before we help you decide on a strategy, we’ll together understand the existing barriers to adoption and the use cases that your new technology solutions will fulfill.


Once the stage is set, we’ll help you develop internal marketing and communication plans along with custom documentation to support adoption within your organization. This documentation could be quick guides, short videos and brochures or interactive training and reference manuals.

We’ll also provide classroom and/or virtual training in addition to IT open houses to get your organization up to speed.


After completing a post-adoption health check and user surveys, our adoption services specialists will work with you to develop new use cases and strategies to improve adoption beyond the initial pilot group of users, enabling you to incrementally scale up the use of your new tools across the entire organization.

We will continue to track key performance indicators (KPIs) to report on the success of the services provided by WWT Adoption Services.

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The Experts

WWT’s Adoption Services team includes professionals with extensive backgrounds in technology, marketing, education, instructional design and product management. The team has more than 45 years’ combined experience in these fields and certifications with Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Juniper, among others. The team has worked with hundreds of enterprise, public sector and federal customers and last year supported 48 separate customer engagements.

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