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AIOps Deep Dive by Technology Experts

Join WWT & AppDynamics as we unpack where artificial intelligence operations (AIOps) came from, where it is today and why you should be talking about AIOps now.

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In this three-part TEC37 Podcast series, industry experts from WWT and AppDynamics discuss application and brand loyalty, the current state of today's AIOps technology, and AIOps architecture as defined by WWT. 

As the world evolves and becomes more remote, an app often serves as the only way a customer communicates. They bank, communicate, research, entertain and manage everything through the aperture of an “application.” This new interaction model puts the app front and center, making app loyalty the new brand loyalty. So, gone are the days of monitoring and managing apps in isolated silos, and welcome to a world where creating enterprise architectures to serve and create unified visibility into the app is the new reality. 


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Episode 1

AIOps & App Loyalty

In this episode, Robb Boyd along with WWT’s Tanner Bechtel and AppDynamics’ Gregg Ostrowski, dive into what AIOps is and the current state of your brand.


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Episode 2

AIOPs & The Current State of Today's Technology

In episode 2 of our three-part series, our experts discuss AIOps and APM (application performance monitoring), WWT’s partnerships, and the technical complexities we deal with in today's world.  


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Episode 3

AIOps: A Technical Deep Dive

We conclude the AIOps three-part series with a technical dive into the AIOps space. 


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