Walk in your customers’ and store associates’ shoes at booth #2052

Sunday, January 14th marks the beginning of “The Big Show,” otherwise known as the National Retail Federation (NRF) tradeshow. Thousands of retailers and attendees from 95 countries converge on New York City to learn about the newest innovative solutions that are transforming the retail industry.

At last year’s event, much of the focus was on the customer experience. While customer experience will continue to be a point of emphasis for upcoming technology integrations, expect 2018 to be a year that concentrates on helping store associates work better and faster.

Supporting Today’s Workforce

I continue to hear from our retail customers about a pressing need for solutions that address the workforce. Store associates are essential to the success of retail organizations, enabling experiences that help brick-and-mortar stores compete with giants like Amazon.

Giving employees the right tools can increase productivity and communication between the workforce and allow retailers to realize a return on investment of in-store infrastructure. At NRF 2018, WWT is collaborating with partners including Cisco, Apple, Tulip, Phunware and others to showcase a complete digital retail experience for both the customer and employee.

The Toy Box Experience

You’ll find WWT in Cisco’s Toy Box, where visitors can choose to act as either a customer or store associate. Throughout the fully functional retail store, they will have access to a wide range of engagements including self-checkout and scan-to-return features, workforce communication, assisted selling, wayfinding and personalized push notifications.

NRF 2018 booth

With a productized store associate experience, users can demo product lookup, checkout and discovery of a customer’s purchase history. WWT integrations enhance the productivity for the employee by incorporating wayfinding to a product’s location as well as voice and video capabilities between associates.

I look forward to showcasing the experiences that WWT and our network of partners have created for this year’s conference. Get a glimpse of the newest possibilities in retail by visiting booth #2052 during NRF 2018.

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