Amazon AppStream Accelerator

Everyone is familiar with streaming video, but did you know an organization now has the ability to stream its applications? WWT's Amazon AppStream Accelerator service offering is designed to help you explore this capability.

The Challenge

Today, organizations are faced with the challenge of providing a flexible, responsive and secure remote work experience to an increasingly dynamic and global workforce. Meeting the needs of such a workforce with traditional on-premises VDI solutions can be challenging, especially when the demand for remote work solutions can increase dramatically overnight.  

The limited capacity of traditional on-prem VDI solutions has led organizations to look to the cloud to address capacity issues. Amazon Web Services offers two hosted workspace solutions as a cloud-scale solution:

  • Amazon WorkSpaces, an AWS-hosted persistent desktop.
  • Amazon AppStream, an AWS-managed, non-persistent application and desktop streaming service.

Amazon AppStream Accelerator Service Offering Overview

We are all familiar with the concept, benefits, and ease of use in streaming movies and TV shows through Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube TV to name a few. With an reliable internet connection, these services can be easily consumed on virtually any device. For an organization, wouldn't it be great to use these same concepts to securely stream applications to your end users, regardless of their device, to simply your current EUC support model?

The Amazon AppStream Accelerator service offering allows customers to swiftly evaluate the feasibility and benefits of streaming your own applications from AWS.

What are the benefits of Amazon AppStream?

Ample Device Support

Users can stream applications and desktops to virtually and device running an HTML5-capable web browser.

Globally Available and Cost Effective

AppStream is available across the globe and offers pay-as-you-go pricing.

Scale to Meet Demand

AppStream scaling policies enable an organization to scale up or down to meet changing demand.


Applications and data are not stored on an end-user device and available AppStream resources are streamed as encrypted pixels.

Centrally Manage Applications

AppStream enables an organization to centrally manage their applications. IT staff manage AppStream images as opposed to managing the installations and updates on each end-user device.

Integration With Existing Resources

AppStream can easily integrate with existing IT resources such as Active Directory domains or file shares.

WWT's "3D" Delivery Approach

When you partner with WWT, you gain access to our highly skilled AWS consulting and engineering teams and their decades of collective AWS and End User Computing (EUC) experience and expertise.   

WWT's service delivery approach is custom, comprehensive, tested and designed to facilitate customer delight.  

Let's Get Started!

WWT can provide valuable assistance to any organization considering or in the process of deploying Amazon AppStream. Our combined EUC experience with multiple platforms gives WWT the capability to provide sound expertise across the entire EUC spectrum. WWT is committed to being the best technology solution provider in the world and our combined capabilities, expertise, strategic partnerships and culture of innovation enable us to help our customers make the best technology solution decisions which allow them to experience the best business outcomes. 

WWT's Amazon AppStream Accelerator service offering, designed to be completed expeditiously, provides the fastest way to demonstrate the effectiveness of Amazon AppStream to our clients. Though this service, we will deploy a proof-of-concept (POC) environment with the ability to stream a single virtual desktop image with up to 5 applications.

For more information, please contact your WWT Account Manager or email us at aws.alliance@wwt.com.