AppDynamics Essentials

WWT builds a foundational education series for you.

AppDynamics Essentials

AppDynamics is the market leader in Application Performance Management (APM) platform solutions and provides real-time monitoring of applications to detect anomalies, monitor application environment performance and collect and analyze metrics. 

Unfortunately, it's a complex tool, requiring extensive education in order to get the most value from it. We at WWT have this education and are willing to share some of it with you. In this series, AppDynamics Essentials, we're going to build a learning foundation with AppDynamics, break down some of its jargon and dissect its most important features.

Powerful Alerting With Health Rules, Policies and Actions

Keeping up with an immense application landscape can be a daunting task. AppDynamics can further help you there. Using health rules, policies and actions is an easy way to catch issues before they happen and notify your application support team so they can address them.

Catching Hardware Issues Before They Occur

AppDynamics helps determine the root cause of application issues by looking at application, network, server and machine metrics that measure infrastructure utilization. In this article, we are going to take those health rules, policy and actions within AppDynamics that we previously covered and apply them to hardware-related problems.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection uses the power of AppDynamics and its machine learning to enable automated root cause analysis (RCA). It discovers normal ranges of key entities and/or Business Transaction metrics and then alerts you when they significantly deviate, providing you with the suspected causes. 

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