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Transform your network into a foundation for innovation  

Regardless of your organization's modernization or transformation objectives, your network will determine your ability to achieve success. Cloud adoption, digital experience delivery, and attracting and retaining top talent are critical for organizations. But these and other ambitions can only become a reality by moving toward a global connectivity architecture.  

The five priorities outlined in this report serve as a roadmap for furthering connectivity within your organization. They include improvements related to end users, applications, IT operations and connected devices. When pursued, networking leaders can begin to demonstrate the gains of making networking a key part of a larger technology strategy.  

WWT's networking priorities are:  

  1. Transform IT with infrastructure automation
  2. Transforming edge-to-cloud with SD-WAN and SASE/SSE
  3. Modernize access to support Wi-Fi 6 and 6E
  4. Modernize core and cloud networks
  5. Adopt private wireless networks

For each priority, the full WWT Research Report below details: 

  • Risks of not addressing
  • Steps to put into action
  • Ways to measure progress and success 
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