When it comes to integrating any emerging technology into existing operations, government leaders are often met with a mixture of excitement and hesitancy from staff. Now that AI has begun to trickle into workflows, how can agency leaders ensure the technology is integrated securely and efficiently into existing infrastructure -- both technological and human?

This is the question we explore on this episode of AI Tipping Point, a podcast series from Government Executive in collaboration with NVIDIA, World Wide Technology and NetApp that aims to answer the question: "If 2019 was the 'tipping point' for AI, then what's ahead?"

In this episode, host Constance Sayers, president of Government Executive Media Group, speaks with Jamie Milne, senior engagement manager at World Wide Technology, who offers his insights from years of applying predictive analytics, Big Data and AI at large in the public and private sectors alike. Moreover, two members of the U.S. Secret Service -- Jonah Hill, senior cyber policy adviser and Ryan Moore, special agent in charge -- weigh in on both the practical and policy aspects of embedding AI into operations.

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AI Tipping Point Ep. 1: Embedding Emerging Tech Stream Episode