See your attack surface like an attacker!

Over the past two years, the known attack surface—the sum of all internet-connected assets known to security—has increased to 67% of organizations. The areas exposed are sensitive data, misconfigurations, and previously unknown web assets among enterprises with the least visibility overall. Given the commonality of attacks using unknown or unmanaged assets, it's critical for organizations to improve their attack surface visibility. 

A dedicated ASM solution provides automated monitoring and continuous discovery that heightens visibility into your attack surface. Only 34% of organizations surveyed have that dedicated solution in their security stack. This puts 66% of companies at a disadvantage when it comes to visibility into their attack surface—almost the same percentage of organizations that have experienced a cyberattack because of unmanaged or unknown assets.

IBM Randori is a cloud-based cyber range platform developed by IBM Security. It is designed to provide a safe and realistic environment for organizations to test and train their cybersecurity teams and to simulate real-world cyber attacks and defenses.

The WWT IBM Security team utilizes Randori's black-box approach to discover, identify and map your external attack surface. 100% cloud-based with no agents or appliances to install, Randori will immediately begin surfacing the targets, services, IPs, domains, networks, hostnames, and other artifacts attackers see when targeting your business. IBM Randori, organizations can create and customize simulated attacks based on their specific threats and vulnerabilities, and then challenge their cybersecurity teams to detect and respond to these attacks. IBM Randori also includes a range of tools and resources to help teams learn and practice cybersecurity skills, such as incident response, threat hunting, and penetration testing.

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