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Amidst the transformative landscape of AI within financial institutions, leaders must ensure their strategic goals align with practical applications. In our latest offering, "Banking on Intelligence," we explore the experiences of financial leaders integrating AI in 2023, with insightful research from Forrester.

In the introduction, World Wide Technology outlines our proven strategy for leveraging AI to drive significant enhancements in business productivity and provide guidance to navigate the AI revolution. The featured overview report from Forrester draws upon the wisdom that hindsight prepares us for the future, with a data-driven lens reflecting on the industry's 2023 learnings, it highlights disparities between strategic aspirations for AI integration and tangible real-world outcomes.

  • Within this narrative, the report delves into key areas, offering financial leaders a way to navigate:
  • Prioritizing AI initiatives among banking executives and addressing missed opportunities
  • Mitigating the risk of AI initiatives suffering from misalignment in ownership
  • Balancing the foundational aspects of AI with off-the-shelf solutions
  • Confronting the challenge of keeping pace with evolving technical expertise demands
  • Understanding the crucial alignment of data quality with governance.

Download this report now to gain an understanding of what the banking industry has experienced thus far in the dynamic landscape of AI integrations and glean insights for future decision making. 

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