As our CEO Jim Kavanaugh explains in his blog post, Silicon Valley in St. Louis, we are proud to bring together so many different technologies in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Activity in the ATC makes tech innovation available to our partners, customers, internal engineers and users across the globe. The ATC is host to long-established partners like Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC and Microsoft, as well as disruptive startups like Dedrone.

There are millions of new drones hitting the sky each year. While these drones offer endless possibilities for their users, they also present a new set of problems for organizations. WWT recently partnered with Dedrone, an airspace security solution that detects and classifies drone threats.

Watch this video to see how WWT and Dedrone partnered to create a new drone security demonstration capability.

Identifying and remediating drone threats is a daunting, time-consuming task for organizations' security teams, and they may not even have the necessary training that empowers them to detect emerging drone technology. With Dedrone capabilities in the ATC, customers can see firsthand a new, completely functional solution that is ready to be integrated into their existing infrastructure.

Partnerships with unique companies like Dedrone allow us to continue forward-thinking, innovative conversations around emerging technologies that affect a variety of industries. Individually these companies are impressive, but collectively, when integrated by WWT, we produce game-changing solutions.

To schedule a remote or in-person demonstration of the Dedrone solution, contact us.

Author's note: A special thanks to Andrew Moser for his contributions to this post.