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With so many rapid technological developments happening today with the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), multicloud computing, next-gen networking and 5G, it's no wonder that separating hype from reality is increasingly difficult. That's why WWT created its Innovation Center in downtown Washington, DC, to show what's really possible for government agencies seeking valid solutions to challenges both big and small. At our Innovation Center, we are supported by Intel's rapid technology advancement as we collaborate to transform our solutions for customers. We use the Center to demonstrate what AI, IoT and edge computing today can do for your mission, whether it's to increase campus security, monitor and track critical assets, support the soldier downrange for electronic warfare or find persons of interest in a chaotic environment.

Real-time analytics and smart vision capabilities at the edge

Edge-compute technologies are driving new types of AI/ML solutions today—on premise or in-the-field high-performance devices that deliver real-time insights. In the last few years, we've seen the growth in intelligent services powered by AI in the cloud. But more recently, the need for intelligence at the edge—in cameras, edge appliances and on-premise servers—has emerged in market sectors such as cyber and/or physical security, health and operational technology and logistics. The goal is to get results faster, alleviate the need for large data pipes and utilize with less power to support those use cases that require inferencing at the edge.

Due to advancements in Intel-based technologies, these edge-based AI capabilities are available to more agencies, businesses and individuals than ever before. Imagine being able to track anything—vehicles, packages or expensive equipment—from a central location anywhere in the world using sensors as small as a postage stamp. It's all possible with Intel platform-based AI and IoT solutions that work with standard, nonproprietary components built for interoperability and scalability. These transformative solutions are driven by the latest Intel 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors for maximum performance and results. Our Innovation Center allows us to show you exactly how a solution can work from edge device to a data center or public cloud customized for your specific needs.

With computer vision technologies built with Intel Distribution for OpenVINO software, agencies can leverage camera and security systems for multiple use cases, like alerting teams to a person of interest in a crowd and securing a public-school building or army base. The OpenVINO toolkit enables deep learning inference on hardware accelerators across multiple types of Intel platforms to bring new levels of insight to streaming video footage.

Experience the 'art of the possible' at the DC Innovation Center

At our Innovation Center, WWT can demonstrate what AI can do for your agency today. Designed to serve as an open-concept center, the 11,640-square-foot Innovation Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies designed to host executive briefings and workshops, as well as deliver innovative solution demonstrations, proofs of concept and product benchmarking initiatives. The Innovation Center has a direct connection to the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in St. Louis, extending the reach and core capabilities to advance the conceptualization and testing of new solutions geared for federal, state and local government environments.

To learn more about what's possible at the Innovation Center, connect with me.