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The following article was written by Davina van Buren from our partner, Samsung.

One way to ease the effects of these challenges is to equip retail associates with rugged smartphones and integrated software solutions custom-built for a retail environment — like the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro featuring Scandit smart data capture. With this sturdy, familiar device, employees can accomplish all their daily tasks with a single piece of technology — a smartphone, the same technology they use in their personal lives daily — to clock in and out, conduct price/product lookups and scan barcodes. This helps eliminate the hassle, expense and training requirements of using multiple single-purpose devices and legacy IT infrastructure.

Galaxy XCover Pro not only maximizes operational efficiency but also improves the customer experience. Here are some of the most effective retail use cases for this multifunctional rugged smartphone.

Time management

Galaxy XCover Pro is small and light enough for retail associates to keep the device in their pocket for an entire shift. No need for a clunky time clock or waiting in line at the point-of-sale (POS) station to punch in. Associates can now clock in right on their smartphone, as soon as they enter the workspace.

Barcode scanning and inventory access

The core functionality of Scandit's technology is its ability to bring enterprise-grade data capture performance — including barcode scanning and text recognition — to any camera-equipped smart device. With Scandit software powering retail apps used by associates, Galaxy XCover Pro can read barcodes that are torn, wet, warped or otherwise damaged. The camera can adjust to glare from in-store lighting and more easily read barcodes that are tiny, curved, far away or even in a dark or poorly lit stockroom. It can also capture multiple barcodes with a single scan — helping your team speed up processes, track sales and inventory anywhere and in real time. Associates can also easily alternate between tasks such as inventory management, receiving and shipments using the same Galaxy XCover Pro.

Assist customers at the point of decision

Unpriced or misplaced items can result in lost revenue. Shoppers may not have the time or the energy to walk to the front desk (and possibly wait in line), or they may simply assume the item is too expensive. Galaxy XCover Pro lets retail associates quickly assist customers at the point of decision, right when they need a price check or product lookup.

If a customer is looking for shoes in a particular size, for instance, an associate can use their Galaxy XCover Pro to quickly scan all the barcodes of the boxes on the shelf. The device then provides a visual indicator of the available item through augmented reality (AR) to help the associate find it. If a customer wants to compare two products, the items can be overlayed on screen simultaneously. Associates can also help customers find out-of-stock items online or at a neighboring location, increasing customer satisfaction right from the sales floor.

Seamless two-way communications

Integrating with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and Verizon Push-to-Talk (PTT), Galaxy XCover Pro functions as a two-way radio. Retail associates can communicate quickly and privately, instead of disrupting shoppers with loud intercom announcements. Protected by Samsung Knox — a defense-grade security platform built into Galaxy devices from the chip up — retailers and associates alike can rest assured their private data and communications will stay private.

Devices retail associates actually enjoy using

In even the most demanding retail environments, Galaxy XCover Pro can handle the pressure — it's water-resistant, built to withstand extreme temperatures as well as repeated drops on hard surfaces. The strong but lightweight hardware houses a long-lasting, replaceable battery built for reliable performance through an entire shift. The touchscreen even works while wearing gloves, keeping associates warm, dry and safe in every season.

Paired with Scandit technology, Galaxy XCover Pro is an ideal solution for retail data capture and customer service. Diverse functionality on a single rugged device eliminates the need and expense for clunky devices that perform only one task. Employees no longer have to leave the sales floor to answer questions; they can communicate with colleagues and managers in real time and, most importantly, deliver a positive and efficient customer experience.

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